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  • Two Marion County teams reach...

    By Casey Sowers
    Sports correspondent


    Two Marion County softball teams were slated to play for their respective Little League district championships Tuesday evening (after the Enterprise went to press) at Graham Memorial Park.
    The 9-10 all-stars were scheduled to play Russell County last night for the District 5 championship.

  • A good day to get in shape

    By Casey Sowers

    Sports correspondent


    You hear about wanting a “summer body” during the winter months quite a lot, and now that it’s summer, people are either working hard, or hardly working on that.
    But don’t focus on the body.
    Focus on feeling great, just being healthy and exercising.
    I love it though. I love seeing people workout. Even if it’s just walking around the track at the park, people are getting in a good workout.

  • Veatch steps downs as MCHS coach

    By Casey Sowers
    Sports correspondent

    Jessica Veatch has resigned as the Marion County High School softball coach.
    She was hired after the 2014 season to replace Todd Spalding (who is now serving as a circuit judge). During her one season leading the Lady Knights, they finished with a 23-12 record. They were also the 20th District runner-up and advanced to the 5th Region tournament, where they lost to eventual regional champion Central Hardin.
    Veatch submitted her resignation after the season.

  • What is your favorite game to...

    As an outdoorsman or -woman, have you ever played the “what if” game?
    What if you were given the choice of hunting one season and one season only? Take it even further and chose your weapon and one weapon only?
    What would it be? Would it be doves with a Browning over/under in 12 gauge? Dove hunting would be a good choice. Weather’s usually nice, the bag limit is generous, and you can hunt with a bunch of friends! And they’re good eatin’. You’ll shoot a lot, but hit less than you shoot.

  • Bump, set, SPIKE!

    As part of the Summer Dream Academy, Lebannon Elementary School hosted a Summer SLAM, a camp to teach basic volleyball and teamworks skills.
    Participants learned techniques to practice skills on the court and did team-building exercises off the court.

  • On Deck

    Marion County All-Stars practiced last week in preparation for Little League all-star tournaments. The 12-and-under and 10-and-under softball tournaments started this past Sunday.

  • Marion County hosting district...

    The 5th District Little League Softball tournament is scheduled to begin Sunday, June 21, at Graham Memorial Park.

    The Marion County 9-10 All-Stars will open at 1 p.m. against Washington County.

    The Marion County 11-12 All-Stars are scheduled to play Russell County at 3 p.m. 

  • Another day at the park

    By Casey Sowers

    Sports correspondent


    As a kid who used to play ball, championship week has not changed a single bit. It’s just as crazy as it was when I played. Kids screaming from the dugout, and the parents yelling and jumping in the stands. 

  • Alcohol charges dismissed...

    Two alcohol-related charges against University of Kentucky women’s basketball player Makayla Epps have been dismissed. The charges — possession of an alcoholic beverage by a minor and possession of an open alcohol beverage container in a motor vehicle — were dismissed June 10 on the recommendation of the county attorney, with leave to reinstate. The court record notes that Epps completed 20 hours of community service.

  • Beware terrors of the deep woods

    I’ve been in or around the woods almost all my life. While I’ve never been scared, I’ve been real concerned a few times.
    Those rare times usually resulted from encounters with killer mice and snakes!
    Yes, I said mice ... and snakes. But mostly mice! Not the little gray mice that sometimes get in the house or are left on your doorstep by the family cat (as a gift).
    I’m talking about those evil deep woods mice. The kind with big, crusty yellow teeth and blood red eyes.