Animal officers seeking information about dead dog

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Marion County’s animal control officers are seeking information about a pit bull that was found dead on the side of Josh Cox Road on Friday.
Sarah Gribbins of the animal shelter said they received a call around 2 p.m. Friday from a property owner in the area. He noticed the dog. He also saw a gas can with some gasoline still inside about three feet from the dog.
“It almost looks like they tried to catch the dog on fire,” Gribbins said.
She added that fur appeared to have been burned off on the dog.
Based on what she saw, Gribbins said the dog appeared to have been well fed, and its ears had been cropped back.
However, the dog also showed signs of injuries. It had scars on its neck and face. Its stomach had been cut open, and its teeth were mangled.
Kay Turpin, the county’s other animal control officer, said she went out Saturday to try and scan the dog for a microchip. She said she was only able to do a limited check because of the smell.
Gribbins said they don’t know if the dog was in a fight or may have been stolen, but they would like to locate the owner if possible.
Anyone with information about the dog or how it ended up on the side of the road is encouraged to call the animal shelter at (270) 692-0464.