Banning the military type gun

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Letter to The Editor

The law banning the military type gun should include any gun invented in the future that is near the fire power or exceeds the fire power of the military type guns now in use. 

If a person turned in by law their military type gun for fair payment they still would have a hundred types of pistols, rifles, and shotguns to pick from. In some cases the value of the military type gun will buy two riffles or two pistols or two shotguns. No one could quote the 2nd Amendment as a reason not to have a law banning the military type gun. A person would be getting two guns for one. 

Below is a list of 20 of the 100 guns a person could buy if the military type gun laws were passed.

10/22 Backpacker Takedown – rifle

American Rifle Predator – rifle

SP101 Match Champion – pistol

SR1911 Target 9MM – pistol

SR1911 Officer Style 9MM – pistol

MX5 12GA Semi-Auto – shotgun

MXP 12GA Pump – shotgun

LCP 11 .380 ACP – pistol

LCP Sage/FDE .380 – pistol

Mark IV Target 22 LR – pistol

Mark IV 22/45 22 LR – pistol

American Rifle 30-06 – rifle

PC Carbine 9MM – rifle

PC Carbine W/Vortex Venom Cambo – rifle

590 Shockwave FDE 12GA – shotgun

930 Pro-Series 12GA – shotgun

International SA-20 – shotgun

590 Shockwave Marincote FDE – shotgun

FNX 45 Tactical FDE – pistol

Security – 9 9MM – pistol 

Bernard Mattingly