Be a voice for Caylee and Kara

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Donate to Kara Tingle Rigdon Reward Fund and/or the Texas EquuSearch organization

By Stevie Lowery

Disbelief, frustration, anger and utter sadness were some of the emotions felt worldwide recently when Casey Anthony was ruled "not guilty" in a Florida court of law for the death of her daughter, Caylee.

So many people followed that case, and many of those people were outraged when the verdict was announced, almost as if Caylee had been their own child.

And, in a way, Caylee was our child.

She was my child.

She was your child.

She was this country's child that we, as human beings, feel an innate need to protect.

But, unfortunately, Caylee's fate was out of our control. As for her mother, Casey, we all have our own opinion regarding what her fate should have been and what her eternal fate will most likely be.

But, no matter the verdict... No matter the outcome... Caylee is gone and we all are left to grieve for the loss of such a precious little soul. And, while others grieve, many of us are still angry and disgusted but don't have anywhere to channel that negative energy.

Or, do we?

Recently, a letter to the editor published in People Magazine's Aug. 8th edition offered what I believe to be an excellent suggestion.

The verdict is in and a little girl is gone - neither can be changed. The anger and frustration this case has generated need to be channeled into something positive that can benefit other children. I hope people consider making a donation to Texas EquuSearch, a group that tried to find Caylee, or any other donor-supported organization that helps kids and their families.


Wendy Childress

Merritt Island, Fla.

As many of you know, Texas EquuSearch, which led the 2008 search for Caylee Anthony, has taken on the Kara Tingle Rigdon case. Kara, 28, of Gravel Switch has been missing since July 17, 2010.

Tim Miller, the founder of Texas EquuSearch, had planned to begin the search for Kara months ago, but ended up in the hospital and had to have surgery. He also got tied up with the Casey Anthony case. In fact, last month, Miller and his search group filed a civil suit against Anthony to recoup expenses in the 2008 search for Caylee. The lawsuit claims that the time and effort dedicated to the Anthony search diverted resources from the group's ability to help 15 other families.

One of those 15 families was Kara's family.

Thankfully, the Texas search group has agreed to help in the search for Kara, and her family is more than grateful. As a way to show our appreciation, we could all donate to the Kara Tingle Rigdon Reward Fund and/or the Texas EquuSearch organization. It's a small way we all could potentially help find Kara and be a voice for both Kara and Caylee.

To read more about Texas EquuSearch, or to make a donation, go to texasequusearch.org.

To make a donation to the Kara Tingle Rigdon Reward Fund (which is currently $11,000) send your check to Peoples Bank, P.O. Box 5, Lebanon, Kentucky 40033. You may also drop your donation off at any Peoples Bank location. Please make your check payable to the "Kara Tingle Rigdon Reward Fund."

Search group offers $5,000 for information

Texas EquuSearch is willing to give a $5,000 reward to anyone who has any information that could help in the search for Kara Tingle Rigdon.

If anyone has any information related to Kara's case, call the Texas EquuSearch Team toll free at 1 (877) 270-9500 or (281) 309-9500. You can also call the Kentucky State Police at 1 (800) 222-5555. Detective Jamie Richard of the Kentucky State Police is in charge of the investigation. Tips can be made anonymously.