Bevin and Conway … and Curtis makes three

Last week, Republican Matt Bevin and Democrat Jack Conway participated in the Farm Bureau forum. Earlier this week, those two candidates spoke at the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce’s annual meeting.

They’re also scheduled to be featured speakers at Fancy Farm this weekend.

They aren’t the only options for voters, however.

Drew Curtis, the founder of fark.com, is running as an independent for governor. Last week, he told the Lexington Herald-Leader that he had nearly 6,000 signatures and hoped to have more than 8,500 by Aug. 11, which is the deadline for independent candidates to file if they want to be on the ballot in November. Independent candidates are required to get 5,000 signatures to register to be on the ballot.

By the way, that’s 4,998 more signatures than Democratic or Republican gubernatorial candidates have to have, according to the registration forms from the Secretary of State’s Office.

Maybe Curtis was not invited to the Farm Bureau event because he has not yet turned in his registration form. Maybe that’s why he wasn’t invited to the chamber event either. His campaign has confirmed that he will not be allowed to speak on stage at Fancy Farm. Nevertheless, Curtis has indicated through social media that he intends to attend the picnic and talk to voters.

Clearly, Democrats and Republicans remain the two biggest political groups throughout the United States. In Kentucky, 1.68 million registered voters are Democrats and nearly 1.25 million are registered as Republicans, according to figures from the Kentucky State Board of Elections. (Those stats are updated monthly.)

What those figures don’t tell us is how many people are registered that way because they think it’s the only way to vote in local elections. Recent presidential and U.S. Senate elections prove that for a lot of Kentuckians, party registration has little or no bearing on their votes. Then there are the more than 248,000 voters registered either as independents or as members of a smaller political party.

As the November election approaches, we intend to include Curtis in our candidate profiles. You may decide you still prefer one of the other candidates, but at least you’ll have the opportunity to consider all of the serious candidates for yourself.

For now, however, if you’d like to see how Bevin and Conway answered the questions at the Farm Bureau forum, videos from that forum are available on the Kentucky Farm Bureau Youtube channel (https://goo.gl/vm9euu). If you’d like to know Curtis’s answers to those questions, you can find them on his campaign website (http://goo.gl/sLIRm0).