Bluegrass Pipeline spurs strong opposition

Here’s a quick round-up of some information about the Bluegrass Pipeline.

The project maps at bluegrasspipeline.com don’t indicate that the route will come through Marion County, but it was going to be close to our borders with Nelson and Washington counties.

To see the original maps of the proposed route for the pipeline, click here: http://bluegrasspipeline.com/the-bluegrass-project/maps/

However, the companies involved are apparently looking for an alternate route.

They have contacted the Sisters of Loretto about doing a survey on the Motherhouse property. The sisters said no, in part out of concern that the transport of natural gas liquids could harm the water and food supplies.

UPDATE: The Loretto Community is planning to have a booth tonight and Saturday at the St. Francis Picnic to share information about the Bluegrass Pipeline, according to Sr. Marie Ego.

From what I’ve gathered so far, the Loretto Community is just one of multiple groups of Kentuckians who have problems with the pipeline.

Many Kentucky residents have been vocal about their opposition to the Bluegrass Pipeline, which would carry natural gas liquids acquired through fracking.

Here are links to a couple groups who are clearly opposed to the plan:



Surrounding counties have held meeting at which residents of those communities have expressed their own concerns.

The Kentucky Standard in Bardstown reported on public meeting about the pipeline, that included company officials, here: http://www.kystandard.com/content/nelson-county-residents-grill-williams-officials-about-pipeline

Also, The Springfield Sun reported on a meeting organized by a group called the New Pioneers, who are very much opposed to the pipeline coming through their community. See here:


For the company’s take, the Williams Company, and its partner Boardwalk Pipeline Partners, have their own website about the project. Here: http://co.williams.com/feature/speed-to-market-connecting-utica-marcellus-ngls-to-petchem-export/

The (Frankfort) State Journal has reported that several property owners are complaining about how the Williams Company has gone about surveying their property.

Here is a link to the story, but you may not be able to read it without a subscription: http://www.state-journal.com/latest%20headlines/2013/07/11/landowners-claim-pipeline-agents-misled-them