Up to the challenge

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By Nick Schrager

It’s been a very exciting couple of weeks in the world of Marion County High School sports.

The Knights football team clashed and fell 30-8 in an icy rain to the Taylor County Cardinals on Oct. 3. Beyond the football team, MCHS’s golf team competed and fell in the regionals on Sept. 30, and Knights freshman Ethan Spalding hit a hole-in-one on Sept. 23. (There happens to be an excellent story accompanied with photos about Spalding by yours truly in this week’s edition of the Enterprise, see page B3).

Outside of the usual athletic events, MCHS’s JROTC program hosted its inaugural Marion County JROTC Knight Challenge on Oct. 4. 

The event, which has been in the works for the last three years, was quite impressive. Cadets from four schools attended the event and took on the obstacle course for both personal and team challenges. After the obstacle course, the units competed in the actual JROTC Knight Challenge, which tested them both physically and mentally. Cadets ran a course with a huge log and then had to complete physical exercises and answer trivia questions. Though there were a few hiccups for the event’s first year, it seemed like all of the cadets from other schools and their instructors had a blast. There were smiles had by many, and some of the cadets got to check out the interior of a very sweet National Guard Humvee. (Yours truly may have cowered in the Humvee for warm refuge and photos for the last portion of the event).  

Normally, I would keep quiet about plans that don’t fall through, but I must be honest. I had every intention of running the obstacle course with other cadets, but unfortunately, the soggy rain from the football game left my only suitable pair of running shoes soaked and unusable. For those of you saying, “Excuses, excuses,” I know, it sounds all too convenient. But it’s the truth. I had to wear a semi-nice pair of shoes along with not so nice clothes to the event. 

In retrospect, I don’t think I would have been able to do the course anyways. It would have been fun trying. Those cadets are a whole different breed of athlete. Though I didn’t get to run the course, I got just as dirty as some of them!

I had to spend Sunday morning washing the mud and grass stains from the knees of my pants and the dirt from where I sat in the back of the Humvee. 

With that said, I hope the program hosts the event again because once the kinks are ironed out, they can have more schools come, which would bring more money to the community.