City residents, businesses reminded to post address numbers

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The City of Lebanon would like to remind residents that a city ordinance requires address numbers to be posted on all dwellings, businesses and homes within city limits. Numbers should be at least four inches tall and posted so they are easily visible from the street.
John Thompson, the city’s building inspector, said the city wants to remind residents that the law is in place to meet requirements to implement enhanced 911. He said residents have until April 1 to post the numbers.
“I wanted to give them an opportunity to put numbers on their houses before we have to start citing them,” he said.
Posting the number also makes it easier for emergency personnel to locate someone in the event of an emergency, he added.
Any person or business found in violation of the ordinance can be issued a warning. If the person or business does not comply within 10 days of receiving a warning, then the violator can be found guilty of a misdemeanor and if convicted, could face a fine of up to $500.
A copy of the ordinance can be reviewed at Lebanon City Hall. Anyone with questions, can call Thompson at 270-692-6272.