Clarifying a mistake (Oct. 10)

My apologies to State Rep. Terry Mills. I misunderstood a statement made at the Oct. 5 Friday Forum, and as a result reported incorrectly what was said.
Mills was making a point about the need for tax reform in the Kentucky. In making his point, he noted that he receives a pension, and in a recent forum (which he believes was held in Bowling Green), the Governor's Blue Ribbon Commission on Tax Reform, a couple spoke to the commissioners. That couple said they received $120,000 in pension income and they pay no state income taxes on their pension.
Mills said the state may want to look at how it taxes those pensions.
This was reported incorrectly in the Oct. 10 print edition, and I want to apologize to Mills and to our readers for that confusion.
Below, I have transcribed Mills's statement from the Oct 6 forum:
"This pension system, we need to do something, make some hard choices and sacrifices. I'm on the take, and when I hear in these tax reform discussions that they hear from two retired people - I believe it was in Bowling Green - they get $120,000 a year and don't pay any state tax. What's wrong with that picture? When somebody making $25,000 pays $1300, just trying to work, and makes $25,000, pays $1300. So, this is a dangerous thing to say for a politician, but us folks on the draw need to take a look at that. How many people are out there drawing, spouses drawing pensions separately and all that. I think we can make some inroads if we just stay at it, get this pension problem under control. It's monumental."
Again, my apologies for any confusion.