Fifth-graders presidential point-of-view

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By now, we should know who our next President of the United States will be (emphasis on should). And, with the exception of a few undecided voters, everyone had an opinion regarding the candidates... including kids.
Students in Tammy Parman's fifth-grade class at Calvary Elementary School recently weighed in on who they felt would make the best president. And, although the election is over (or should be, at least) we still want to share the students' views on Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.
Some of their opinions are stern. Some are sort of silly. But, all of them are entertaining.
And, their opinions are much more meaningful than the negative political rhetoric we've all grown tired of hearing within the past several months.
There's no mud slinging in these excerpts from the fifth graders' opinion pieces. Just lots of exclamation points!


I say Mitt Romney because he says that he is going to lower taxes for the middle class and low-income class because those citizens don't have much money. It's VERY hard for people in the low income class and it's still kind of hard for the middle class people, too. This is the main reason to vote for former governor Mitt Romney!!!!!!

I think Barack Obama should be the president because Mitt Romney once said it's not my job to worry about those people - veterans and elderly. It is his job to worry about all people in the United States if he is going to be president of the United States!

One reason I choose Obama is that he killed Osama bin Laden and if we had another terrorist he would kill that person so that they would not crash anything else in the United States like Osama bin Laden did to the Twin Towers in New York.

Obama has plans for five issues we're facing today! These issues are defense, education, taxes, health care and economy (and jobs). Who has the best defense plan to run our country? (The United States.) Well it's NOT Romney! Romney would keep the war going by sending in more troops into Afghanistan. However, Obama will try to responsibly end the war in 2014. This would be good for me because I have a family member that is a medic in the army.

Romney wants to put more money in the defense of the U.S. but they aren't even asking for it... so why give it to them? Obama says that now we have newer and better ways to protect ourselves so we DO NOT need to spend all this money on defense! Romney would raise your tax money just to get things like ships that we don't need any more because ships are old and not very important now that we have better weapons!!!

Obama should have another term because he believes in raising taxes on families making more than 250,000 dollars. That would help the U.S. come out of our HUGE debt.

Another reason Romney has the best defense plan is because when it is time to fight, or attack a place, Romney wants to get more missiles to be able to kill the enemies and will save more of our armed forces so next time they attack they will be saying, "What are we doing fighting them? Let's get out of here so we don't die!" All of them will retreat! That is the reason why I think Mitt Romney should win the 2012 election!

In taxes, Obama wants to make it fair for everyone in our country. His plan is to keep the middle class taxes low. But for the wealthy he wants to raise at least 20 percent more than the middle class and lower class. Personally, I think that is an AWESOME idea because it wouldn't be fair if the wealthy paid as much as the middle class and lower class. They have more money!

I think president Barack Obama did a good job as the president in the past so what makes you think he's going to do his job any different now than before? Plus he has some extra experience as the president but governor Mitt Romney only has experience in being a governor, not a president.

Obama has made the law disappear that when you are getting paid from the government that you have to be looking for a JOB! This needs to stay as a law because it is not fair that everyone is working and paying taxes to pay others not to work.

Obama feels that if you are president it is your place to worry about the people and Mitt Romney said "it is not my place to worry about the people."

Mitt Romney plans on letting states decide on their own health care plan. Also, Mitt Romney plans on continuing the Bush tax cuts, which will keep taxes lower. I think that taxes should be lower, don't you?

Romney won't want to lower taxes on millionaires like himself!! Obama wants to lower taxes on middle class families, and that would help my family so much!!! Romney wants to raise taxes on middle class families and that would hurt my family because we can barely pay for things now.
Obama wants to put creativity in schools but it will take our school time away and we will not learn anything and not be smart. Mitt's plan is to let you go to any school where your parents want you to go to, he will let you go to a school that mostly has the best subject you like.

I think that Mitt Romney should win the 2012 presidential election. My reasons are that he will strengthen the armed forces, let us keep our medical insurance, let our parents decide where we go to school, and make everyone pay the same amount of money for taxes.

All of Obama's ideas give personnel connections that relate to me. As in his ideas for defense, taking troops out of Afghanistan is the smartest idea ever. The longer we keep troops in war... the more money we put in war. The more we United States of America citizens have to pay and the more lives will be lost and the more jobs will be lost because business's will not have the money to keep their business's running because of the hundreds of thousands of dollars they'd have to pay for taxes to go into war.

Obama is spending MILLIONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNS of dollars trying to pay for Obama care when he should be trying to pay help Medicare. Medicare is a healthcare for the elderly. If we re-elect Obama he might cut Medicare and leave millions of Americans without healthcare. My grandma has a heart problem. About two years ago she had triple by-pass surgery. If she did not have Medicare she might have died because she would not have enough money to pay it. My grandma counts on Medicare to help her to get through her rough life. If she doesn't have Medicare she will have to pay for all of it herself.

My most favorite thing about Romney is that he wants to lower our taxes. That is a good thing for my family because we will have more money to go and visit family in California. I would LOVE to visit my cousins because I never get to see them.

Mitt Romney is going to put our navy on the path to increase ship building from approximately nine each year to 15 each year and three submarines! Barack Obama is drawing down our troops in Afghanistan and putting them on track to be responsible for their own country and end the war in 2014. That is part of why I want Mitt Romney to win!!!

Obama care helps a lot of people not spend so much money. If someone could not afford a surgery they would have Obama care so they don't have to pay so much.

Obama has a plan to save the earth, and to give us better health care, better defense, more taxes for the rich and less for the poor. He will give us a better education plan and we know he will give us jobs and make the world a better place to live.

I think that Mitt Romney should win the 2012 presidential election. First of all, Mitt Romney didn't crash the whole American economy the first year he took office as Governor of Massachusetts!!! That's exactly what Barack Obama did!

Obama wants to bring all American troops home from Afghanistan by the year of 2014. I could imagine if one my family members were in Afghanistan, I would want them back as soon as possible! Even if it took a couple more years, at least I would know they were coming back to me!

Obama wants everyone to graduate from school and I do agree on that because everyone should graduate at least from high school. I also think that you should at least go to college for a year or two and if you do not like it then you can maybe drop out but you need to graduate high school.

In my opinion I think Barack Obama should win the presidential election. He knows what he is talking about! For example, he said that he was going to lower taxes. That would help my family because we are tight with money right now. Obama said that some of the taxes would go to the elderly, but Mitt Romney said that it was not his job to worry about those people.