Gentile & gentle

Wednesday morning, as I was posting links for this week's news stories to the Enterprise's twitter feed, I caught a mistake.
And boy, do I feel silly.
If you read the story about Fr. Ivo Cecil, the former pastor of St. Augustine Catholic Church, who died recently, you probably read the headline.
"Gentile giant" dies.

Gentile: any person not a Jew; not Jewish.

Technically, that is correct. I feel pretty comfortable saying that Fr. Cecil was not Jewish since he was, in fact, a Roman Catholic priest.
However, that is not what I meant to write. It's also not what a former St. Augustine student told me in a phone interview when remembering Fr. Cecil.
The headline should have read: "Gentle giant" dies.

Gentle: generous, kind; serene, patient.

I did not know Fr. Cecil, but the way he was described to me, he also seemed to have a good sense of humor.
My hope is that everyone who remembers the  gentle gentile priest will forgive my error.