I’m with Rocky Adkins for Kentucky governor

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Letter to The Editor

 For nearly seven years, I worked with Rocky Adkins almost daily during the annual legislative sessions. I know Rocky to be honest and decent. Integrity matters to Rocky. He will not bully or intimidate others. He will not talk down to other people and he will listen to ideas from all. He will work with everyone to get things done, not just with those who agree with him. He is a regular person, just like you and me.

Rocky grew up in rural Elliott County, the son of a school teacher and a grocery clerk at the local IGA. He learned the value of hard work growing up on his family farm and has been working for Kentucky families as a state legislator for many years.

Rocky has fought for public education and teachers. He has worked to protect our public pension system. And he has advocated for affordable health care for all Kentuckians. He is a cancer survivor and understands that access to health can be the difference between life and death. 

Rocky will put a stop to Matt Bevin’s attacks on working families. He will stand up and fight back against unfriendly policies that have driven wages down and left workers living paycheck to paycheck. He will fight for a fair wage and safe work environments.

He will fight for business owners who are growing our communities across the state, employing the young and old, and revitalizing our main streets. Kentucky’s economy is changing, and we must be innovative and collaborative so we can bring new opportunities to our state.

Rocky will work to unite our communities and our state. Over these last few years, it seems we’ve lost our way. Seems it has become more important to some whether your neighbor is a Democrat or a Republican. We cannot afford those labels. We must all work together to build a stronger tomorrow for Kentucky.

Rocky has common sense - something that is missing from a lot of our leaders today. He is FROM Kentucky and FOR Kentucky. He will go head-to-head with Matt Bevin in November and restore dignity and respect to the governor’s office. 

The primary for Kentucky’s governor is May 21. It is my hope that we all get out and vote for the candidate who can beat Matt Bevin in November. And that person is Rocky Adkins.

Terry Mills