Inter-County supports program to help people save money, energy

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Members of Inter-County Energy are being encouraged this spring to take advantage of free programs that conserve energy and can also save a significant amount of money on monthly electric bills.
“Our members can call and ask for a free energy evaluation of their home or business,” said Sheree Gilliam, VP Customer Services. “One of our professional energy advisors will go to customers’ residences or businesses to find ways they can save.”
For a home energy evaluation, the Inter-County Energy advisor will conduct a blower door test to determine just how airtight the home is.
“We’ll mount a fan to an exterior door to detect unsealed cracks and openings that waste energy,” said Gilliam. “Our advisor will also look at the house’s insulation and lighting, as well as water heaters or appliances that might be inefficient.”
In a business evaluation, a representative from Envision Energy Services will use advanced equipment to pinpoint how restaurants, hotels, schools, factories, hospitals and other businesses can save on energy costs.
In both types of evaluations, people receive specific suggestions for improving energy efficiency. Generally, both homeowners and business owners are responsible for making the needed repairs or alterations, which are strictly voluntary. In most cases, the savings on electric bills from these recommended repairs quickly offset any costs.
In addition, Inter-County Energy also provides free energy information bulletins that can be downloaded through the Internet.
“Our bulletins and online videos explain how to fix common ways that homes and businesses waste energy,” said Gilliam.
There are 19 free bulletins for homes, explaining how to seal attic entrances, insulate, stop duct leaks and more. There are eight free bulletins for businesses, explaining how churches, convenience stores, motels, offices, restaurants, schools or other businesses can reduce energy costs.
Both the home and business energy information bulletins are available at www.intercountyenergy.net or www.togetherwesaveKY.com. Business owners can also qualify for rebates through Inter-County Energy if they upgrade their lighting.
“We will send a representative to your office, store, school or other place of business to assess your lighting situation,” said Gilliam. “Our goal is to help businesses replace old-fashioned incandescent lights or large fluorescent lights set in fixtures that have magnetic ballasts with newer, smaller, energy-efficient fluorescent lights set in fixtures that have electronic ballasts.”
If a representative from Inter-County Energy verifies that the lighting needs upgrading at a business, the company hires its own electrician to replace the fixtures.
“If you already have fluorescent lights, simply switching to energy-efficient bulbs may not work; you’ll probably need new ballasts, too,” said Gilliam.
After the lighting upgrade is completed, Inter-County Energy will inspect the changes and cut qualified businesses a rebate check equal to $213 for every kilowatt that the new lights reduce electrical load.
For more information about Inter-County Energy’s marketing programs, please call (859) 236-4561 or 1-888-266-7322 toll-free.