Interested in the arts? Let us know about it

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By G. B. Dixon
Kentucky Classic Theatre Director

Is there genuine interest in and support for expanding the arts in Marion County? City and county leaders say yes. They say Lebanon is growing and that the arts are a natural, necessary part of all thriving communities. They believe that along with sports recreation, the arts help give constructive expression to youth's energy and open enriching activities for adults. They say. What do you say? We wish to know.
Below is a public interest survey. On it you will find listed general types of arts programs and activities. Please complete the form by marking the checkbox next to those items which would personally interest you or someone in your household - whether as a direct participant or to merely attend as an area attraction.  
Mail the finished survey to Post Office Box 42, Lebanon, KY, 40033. As an incentive, all surveys received by Jan. 31, that carry name, house address and e-mail address will be entered into a drawing. Prizes include an IPod shuffle from the Lebanon Convention and Tourist Commission, a $100 savings bond from Farmers National Bank, a gift basket from Farmers National Bank, a $25 dollar cash check book from Citizen's Bank, and a $25 dollars cash book from People's Bank.  
Your participation is appreciated. Your response will help Lebanon explore a richer future.

Community Arts Interest Survey

I would likely attend the following if offered at Centre Square:

Community Theatre  
_ Comedies
_ Dramas
_ Musicals
_ I would like to perform
_ I wish to help behind the scenes      
           (lighting, sound, costumes, etc.)
_ Other____________

Children's/Youth Theatre (Ages 6 - 18)  
_ Comedies
_ Dramas
_ Musicals
_ I would like to perform
_ I wish to help behind the scenes      
           (lighting, sound, costumes, etc.)
_ Other____________

* I am also interested in the following programs
        to develop  my acting talent and skills.
_ Spring Break Theatre Camp
_ Summer Theatre Camp

_ Ages 6-10
_ Ages 11 - 18
_ General Theatre Classes
_ Weekly
_ Bi-weekly                

Motion Picture Theatre
_ Saturday Matinee Movies
_ Independent Films/Festivals
_ Friday Night Movie Classics

_ Performances
_ Classes
_ Swing/Ballroom
_ Tap
_ Ballet/Jazz

_ Area-wide Talent Shows
    _ I would like to attend only
    _ I would like to perform
_ Wholesome Comedy Acts
_ Storytelling Competitions
_ Lecture Series
    _ History
    _ Science
    _ Current Events
    _ Other_______________

_ Concerts                           
    _ Country
    _ Rock
    _ Classical
    _ Other________________    
_ Private Lessons
    _ Instrument____________
    _ Voice       
Visual Arts
_  "Gallery Night" Art Shows with Wine and Cheese Tastings

_ Classes (Adults/Teen)
    _ Painting
    _ Drawing

Yes, I am interested in receiving notification about upcoming events at Centre Square.
Enter my completed survey into a drawing for cash and prizes from local businesses!  
Name __________________________________________
E-mail __________________________________________
Address _________________________________________
Phone  _____________________