Journalism is so important right now

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Letter to The Editor

As an editor, even in a small town like Lebanon, I’m sure you feel pressure in a day when journalism is being mercilessly attacked and a Maryland newsroom becomes a shooting gallery.

We citizens are counting on professionals like you to continue fighting for truth, justice, and the American way! We need ethical journalists all over the country now more than ever.

Although my husband and I have always subscribed to the Courier-Journal and The Lebanon Enterprise, in early 2017, I felt the need to subscribe to the digital Washington Post. A few months later, I decided I also needed a subscription to The New York Times. And I greatly enjoy reading eye-opening articles from both daily.

I read recently that you listen to The Daily podcast, which for the past few months has become the very first thing I listen to every day. We are currently in a golden age of journalism, and as a retired high school librarian, I applaud you every step of the way.

Stay strong. Journalists — and women in particular — will be the citizens who eventually pull us out of the morass in which we currently find ourselves. I admire your following your father into journalism. Few professions are more important to the country right now.

Sylvia Tatum