Lebanon mayor explains trick-or-treating is still set for tonight

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The following statement from Mayor Gary Crenshaw was provided by Lebanon City Hall regarding trick-or-treating in Lebanon: 

Several communities surrounding Lebanon have decided to postpone Halloween Trick or Treat for this evening.  As of this moment the Weather Service is calling for Heavy rain today.  The Weather conditions have improved somewhat since yesterday.  Some of that Heavy rain is called for around 6:30 to 7:00 tonight.  I wouldn’t be surprised if the weather improved more during the day.

I have never known the city to cancel trick or treat.  There have been times when it was cold or rainy and no one called for canceling the event. As far as I know there are no lightning or thunderstorms forecasted.

We have moved Halloween in the Park to Halloween in the Baseball-Concession facilities at the park.  This is probably something other Communities can’t do because they haven’t the structures to accommodate the children.  I’m sure that this played into other Communities decision to cancel the festivities.

The option to reschedule Halloween Trick or Treat to Friday or Saturday night has some drawbacks.  All the volunteers and organizers of Halloween in the Park, may not be available and we might not have enough individuals to safely have that part of Halloween. There is a football game on Friday night which is at least a concern for safety and would involve more Police being on duty.

I have had two telephone calls asking the event to be cancelled.  One of those caller’s daughter posted on Facebook a comment wondering why we couldn’t have it on Saturday night.  The other caller emailed, texted, and called approximately 6 times.

You now have all the information that I have concerning cancelling Halloween Trick or Treat.

If you feel that the event should be postponed to another night, be mindful that we may not be able to have the event at the park. We won’t have it, if there aren’t enough people to be there.

Give me your thoughts and suggestions regarding cancellation and/or postponement and what night would be best OR if we should go ahead, do our best and let Mother Nature and common sense dictate to people what they should do.

We will monitor the weather and, if we decide to go ahead as planned, make a further determination by early afternoon if we need to cancel the event altogether for tonight.