Letters to the editor - May 21, 2014

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The school board is wrong
What is happening to our once great Marion County school district? It is crumbling before our very eyes. What is with all the people let go, resignations, moving of people to various positions, etc.? I worked in the school system as a teacher aide and office position for 15 years and never have I seen the likes of what is occurring.
Your editorial page stated: “While nothing has been released numerous sources have told the Enterprise that the district’s Finance Director Lisa Caldwell is not going to be in her current position when her contract ends June 30. She recently came under fire from the school board after a special audit of the schools activity funds revealed sloppy accounting practices, specifically at Marion County High School.” And your editorial, as did the board, made it look like the sloppy paperwork was that of Lisa Caldwell. She did not deserve the treatment she received from the board in open session. It is my understanding that the sloppy paperwork was that of a former employee of the Marion County High School. At that time, Lisa Caldwell did not have jurisdiction over that paperwork. Ask Mr. Butch Cecil which book of rules he read out of. Enough said.
In her defense, Lisa Caldwell is a well-qualified certified CPA. I am sure if you asked Mr. Roger Barnett, former superintendent Chuck Hamilton among others, they would tell you that she is a loyal, genuine, dedicated, outstanding employee and person. She has been an employee of Marion County school district for five years. During that time she has never taken a sick day and gave many extra hours of her time, making sure all of the I’s were dotted and T’s were crossed. She is a perfectionist in all she does.
Lisa is married to my son and you might say I am a little biased, but right is right and wrong is wrong in my book. And the board was wrong. I always believed in the Golden Rule that you treat people the way you like to be treated.
Helen Caldwell

MCPS loses another excellent administrator
Our family is outraged by the recent moves and comments made by the superintendent and board members. To in any way imply that Lisa Hutchins Caldwell is doing less than a superb job is a blatant lie. Her family would like the community to know that the “opinions” (if you can call them that) of those currently in control of our school district are not representative of Lisa.  
Before moving back to Marion County, Lisa worked at various, prestigious accounting firms and has never had an ill word said about her job performance. In all her professional years in accounting management, never has she been publicly attacked or questioned about her moral integrity and work ethic. We do, however, question your moral integrity to cast such doubts and accusations on such an upstanding and excellent professional! To imply that she has possibly become lax in her duties, along with an esteemed local auditing firm, is nothing short of preposterous and highly insulting to anyone that has worked with any of these individuals.
What a sad day for Marion County to lose yet another good administrator! How many more excellent administrators and teachers will we lose before something is changed in this school district? Do those in control really think the community will believe that these individuals with years of esteemed, professional experience are now, with you in command, doing a poor job? That years of past excellent reviews from various employers are false? The community is smarter than you give them credit for and see that so many changes made within a school district are not reflective of those that have left (or will leave in the future), but is reflective of the underhanded schemes of those in control now.  
Lisa, we support your future and know that your continuing professional career will be bright and successful because that is the type of employee you are. We know, first hand, the countless hours and late nights you have given to this community, going above and beyond as you always do.  
You deserve and have earned more respect than has been cast your way and we all know you will be better off in the end. God just knew your soul was too good to have to deal with all the evil intentions playing out. We love you and support you!
Jill Hutchins McCarty