Letters to the editor - Sept. 11, 2013

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Proposed U.S. strike on Syria raises major concerns
Perhaps my age — late 80s — leads me to reflect on the past even while I am gravely concerned about the present, specifically now the proposed U.S. strike on Syria. Memory brings up the key role of Damascus in the history of religion. And as I view the President and the Secretary of State declaiming the rightness of their call to arms, memory brings up their more enlightened years. To them I write:

Let Memory Be the Light
For John Kerry and Barack Obama

“On his [Saul’s] way to Damascus, as he came near the city, a light from the sky suddenly flashed all around him.” Acts of the Apostles 9:3

Let memory be the light for both of you.
I recall your voice of courage
denouncing war and tossing back
your medals, young veteran.

Let memory be the light for both of you.
I recall your voice of courage
denouncing fervently the sweep of force
into Iraq, young senator.

Let memory be the light for both of you
so the red line drawn to quell Damascus
may not be widened into scarlet lanes of blood
along the crimson roads of death throughout a land.

Let memory be the light for both of you.
Cecily Jones, S.L.

Looking at war logic in Syria
Let him who is without sin cast the first stone. Judge not lest ye be judged, and thou shalt not kill.
Sound familiar? Well, not only have our elected officials forgotten that they are to be the public voice of their constituents, they have also forgotten the basic principles of human decency. Where am I going with this? I will tell you — Syria.
We are a war-tired country, and the thought of another war and possible onset of World War III is unbelievable. Forget the fact of our trillion-dollar deficit, and set aside the fact that our troops are sowed all around the world in places we should not be and cast away the idea that we already borrow from Peter to pay Paul. Our current president wants to attack Syria for no more than the known fact that the government allowed the murder of innocent humans. The numbers having been estimated at 1,400 citizens *, including the focal point of 426 children.
While this is a tragedy and unacceptable, I ask is it our job to police the world? Are these the kinds of numbers that warrant a country’s invasion by another? If you are one of the Americans that say yes, then chew on this: each day in the United States of free America, our government allows more than two children to die of gunshots. Each day in the United States of free America, our government allows more than five children to die of abuse, and in the United States of free America, our government allows the death of more than 3,000 innocent children in the form of abortion!
With that being said and using war logic of our current and last president, I now ask: what has kept Syria from invading the U.S.?
Gary Wilkerson Jr.

* This version includes a corrected from the print edition.

Writer has great gut instincts and guts
Your latest editorial, "Backdoor Deals" was incredible!  
I have felt powerless for so long about the non-transparent 'goings-on' at many public agencies. Your column has given me hope that 'we the people' have someone who will illuminate questionable deals that would otherwise go largely unnoticed.
Perhaps your writings will remind some public servants that they do indeed work for us and that backdoor deals (nepotism anyone?) will not be tolerated.
You absolutely have great gut instincts, and you definitely have a lot of guts!
Sandra Fields

51 percent law needed
In order to protect your freedom, you need a 51 percent law.
This law relates only to state or federal Supreme Court decisions.
A 51 percent law simply states that if 51 percent of the voters in a state vote by referendum against a state or federal Supreme Court decision, then that decision is void in that state.
A 51 percent law could prevent a civil war.
The ever-increasing state and federal control over your freedom could be stopped with this law. It is a 10th Amendment law to keep the peace. Repugnant actions could be stopped before they destroy your lives, fortunes, families, freedom, culture or race and the future of your children.
Save your children! It’s your freedom!
K.L. Jones