The library is a gift

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 As the time approaches for our Marion County Public Library to return to its Main Street location, I wanted to take the time to applaud the staff and mission of this special library. The staff is so engaged and responsive to questions and helpful with each customer’s personal needs.

My grandkids love our library. A visit to the library is always on their list of desired activities while at Nana’s town. They seem to learn more with each visit and feel the pleasure and security of “the library.” As a former teacher and devoted library lover, this fills my heart. Libraries have always been a place of refuge for my spirit.

Our library staff works so hard to create activities and events that draw local people to the library. So important! Their creativeness reaches across all age levels.

What a great gift for our community! I will continue my support of the Marion County Public Library in any way I can. “You the BEST” MCPL!


Katina Johnson