Live action theater back in Lebanon

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By Stevie Lowery

Yeah, that's me with a stick of dynamite in my mouth.


I wonder, would the Turtleman consider that "Live Action?"

Sure, I'm not catching snapping turtles with my bare hands or getting sprayed on by skunks, but I'm going to be trying to escape from a villain on stage in front of (I hope) a packed Angelic Hall Friday night.

And, anyone that knows Lynn Farris knows how truly evil he can be...

(Kidding, Lynn.)

In all seriousness, at 8 p.m. Friday evening, at Angelic Hall in Centre Square, I will be starring in "Lovely in Danger," a new old-fashioned melodrama. I'll be playing the part of the heroine "Amy Lovely." Now, Amy Lovely isn't the smartest gal around. In fact, she probably couldn't pour water out of a boot with instructions on the heel. Some might even say she's a few peas short of a tuna casserole.

Shall I go on with the dumb jokes?

Nah. I'll stop there.

I think you get the point, which is that Amy Lovely is a dim-witted, airhead and completely opposite of me in real life. (Do I hear you snickering? Stop that! Stop that this instant!)

The plot of the play is as follows: The evil Filmore Filcher (played by Lynn Farris) uses various disguises and deceitful tactics to get his greedy hands on the Lovely Ranch, owned Amy Lovely (played by yours truly) and her Aunt Aggie (played by Beth Overgaauw of Channel 6 TV). Filcher and his not-so-silent partner, Morganna Snit (played by Christy Carpenter of Springfield) want to build a luxury resort and health spa on the Lovely Ranch. Only the hero, Hoot Galoot (played by Andy Colley of 100.9 MIKE FM) can save the girl he loves and her ranch.

The first time I read the script I found myself laughing out loud. During every rehearsal, it's been hard for the cast to keep our composure during some of the scenes. It's slapstick funny, and we hope the audience will have fun with it, which means lots of cheers, boos (at the villain, of course), whooping and hollering.

Seriously, this isn't one of those plays where you have to behave and be prim and proper. Feel free to boo and hiss at the villain all you want. He deserves it. Or, root for the hero, Hoot! Maybe even cheer for a little 5-year-old that will have a cameo on opening night Friday. (Fingers crossed he won't get stage fright.)

Being a part of this production has already been so much fun, and it's given me a chance to check off an item on my bucket list. Growing up, my twin sister and I watched my mom perform in plays, and I always wanted to follow in her footsteps. I hope I make her proud.

I hope many of you reading this will be able to attend one of the performances. I promise you, you will laugh.

And, if for no other reason, you should come watch just to see me run around as a dramatic, damsel in distress. The only people that get to see me act like that on a regular basis are related to me or work for me. Consider yourself lucky! You only have to endure it for one night!


 "Lovely in Danger," a new, old-fashioned melodrama will be performed 8 p.m. this Friday, Nov. 25 and Dec. 2 at Angelic Hall in Lebanon. The Burdette Family will perform at 7:45 p.m. prior to both shows. Tickets are $5 and can be purchased at The Lebanon Enterprise, Farmer's National Bank, the Lebanon Tourist and Convention Commission office and Springfield State Bank.