Live Action Toe Warmers

Funny tidbit about purchasing small quantities of chickens through a mail order company:

If your order is small, say twenty five birds or so, some companies (as is the case of the one we’re using) will fill in space in the box with extra baby roosters.

Evidently there is a much larger demand for chickens vs. roosters and so the companies are often left with an overage of these little fellows.  Because there is worry over the chicks keeping warm the roosters are used as filler…err that sounds so crass, let’s say travel companions and live action toe warmers for the chicks that have been actually chosen for purchase.  There’s no extra cost for this service you merely have more roosters than you expected.

I find this incredibly funny for some reason and yet I’m slightly disturbed as well, but I guess that’s just me so I’m going with it!

I’ve also learned that contrary to my thought of the family gathered round the mailbox awaiting our new flock we will actually receive a phone call from the post office when they make it in.  This image for some reason is even more comical than waiting at our home post box.  I imagine that these days there aren’t a lot of chickens that make it to the Lebanon Post Office, I could be wrong, but I’m just saying it’s not likely that many of their packages peep.

I’m really looking forward to getting that phone call and to the looks we’ll no doubt get when we pick them up.  Even better is the fact that besides just ordering the 25 chicks to raise for meat birds we’ve finally decided that the girls just aren’t keeping up with their side of the deal in the egg department.  That’s an understatement in regards to the “egg eaters”.  So in addition to the meat birds we’re getting 25 new laying hens. These are coming in different orders so the P.O. may begin to worry about what we’ll next order.

I wonder if you can mail order piglets?  Hmmmm……….let’s Google it:


It seems you can, although I’m not sure how I feel about a pig the size of a teacup that costs five thousand dollars!  Not to mention the fact that I’d worry he couldn’t defend himself against the chickens.  So Lebanon Postal workers fear not, the Morgeson family will keep it to chicks.  At least for the time being!

Amy Morgeson Undercover Chickens

Or, if you will, from: The Covert Chicken Farm