Magistrate District 1 candidate - Jason Tatum

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(Candidates responses are being printed exactly as they were submitted to the Enterprise.)

Full name: Jason Tatum   
Age: 42
Address: 3408 Tatum Lane, Gravel Switch, Ky 40328
Email: jasongtatum@yahoo.com

Educational background:
Graduated MCHS in 1994. Studied Technical Education at Western Kentucky University

Work experience:
20+ years in the construction / electrical field. I spent 3 years teaching at the Marion County Area Technology Center until I decided to work with my wife and focus 100% on building a couple of different businesses that we had been promoting part-time for a couple of years. My wife and I now manage a Commercial/ Industrial Contracting Company and both locations of the Country Store Restaurant and Country Store Cafe.

Family information:
My parents, Alton and Betty Tatum raised myself along with my sister, Stephanie Harris, right here on Tatum Lane, in the heart of Precinct A. My wife Heather and I, along with our 9 year old daughter Hadley live on our small beef cattle farm located on Tatum Lane also.

Organizations/clubs involved in:
Treasurer on Gravel Switch Fire Dept.

Why are you running for magistrate?
It's simple, this precinct has been so good to me my entire life, I want to be able to give back. Growing up my family had some of the best family friends anyone could ask for, and most of them still reside in this precinct. There is a lot of really great people in this county, and they deserve a fair, hard working Magistrate who will work for their best interest, and not just play politics.

What are your qualifications to serve as a magistrate? What knowledge and experiences have prepared you for this position?
My experiences in construction, project planning and making budgets work, will allow me to use my knowledge to help Marion County. I am strong candidate that is highly in touch with the community and I will bring a positive can-do attitude to the fiscal court, with always keeping the hard working tax payer in mind.
If elected, what will be your priorities in office?
My number one priority is to make myself completely accessible to people of precinct A, who I would be representing. I want to make sure everyone knows me, and knows how to contact me.

What do you believe are the most important issues the county will be facing in the next four years? What can you do as a magistrate to address those issues?
Undoubtedly it will be the budget. With everything happening in Frankfort including funding cuts, insurance costs, pension reforms, etc., Marion County will have to work diligently if we expect to stay in good financial standing. The next four years and beyond, the Fiscal Court is going to have to operate as efficient as possible, and as Magistrate I can play a vital role in the decision making.

What other issues do you think the county should focus on, and what can you do as a magistrate to address those issues?
I feel the county does a wonderful job utilizing MCDC inmates for various jobs now, but I would like to see us expand that. I feel we need to explore training opportunities for the inmates to not only help rehabilitate them into society, but help the County save funds on various projects.

What else would you like voters to know about you?
With my "full time career" as co-manager of the family businesses, along with my wife, I have an extremely flexible schedule allowing me to be highly devoted to this position. A key fact I would like the voters to know, I am invested in my precinct. Our main restaurant, our farm and rental properties are all located in Precinct A. I am dedicated to seeing progress in Precinct A and I look forward to serving my neighbors.