Magistrate District 3 candidate – Larry Smith

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(Candidates responses are being printed exactly as they were submitted to the Enterprise.)

Full name: Lawrence E. Smith
Age: 57
Address: 1110 McElroy Pike, Lebanon, Ky, 40033
Email: larrymcwelding@gmail.com

Educational background:
1978 graduate of Washington Co. High school & Marion Co. Vocational school, CAD drawing & design school, certified welding course Hayes Laboratory, also Commonwelth of Kentucky boiler contractors lincense.

Work experience:
I have been a local buisness owner in Marion County for the last 28 years.
In my work field I have experience as a carpenter, design and build buildings, design and build machinery, KY state certified welder, maintain a KY state boiler license, completed a renovation of the Lebanon Aquatic Center and many similar projects, skilled in blue print reading and drawing, design and built bridges. Heavy machinery repair and operator. Worked on every piece of farm macinery possible.

Family information:
I am the oldest son of six children my father is Edward (Tinker) Smith, my mother was Virginia Wheatley Smith. I am married to Peggy Brady Smith, we have five children, Chasity Renfro (Jonathon), Kyle Smith, Charles Goodin (Tiffany), Marcus Goodin (Autumn) and Patrick Goodin. We are proud granparents of 11 grandchildren. My father and mother in law are Bobby and Bernice Brady of Saint Joe.

Organizations/clubs involved in:
Member of Kentucky Colonel, Saint Augustine Church, Saint Francis Xavier, former Little League coach, former youth basketball coach, former Marion County Little League football coach.

What are your qualifications to serve as a magistrate? What knowledge and experiences have prepared you for this position?
I believe with my work experence I am uniquely qualified to advise the court on budget, machinery and building issues. In my 28 years in buisness I have resolved numerous finacial and personnel issues. If elected I will work hard for all the citizens of district 3. I will bring a conservative but fair approach to all decision in fiscal court. I will answers all calls and emails in a profesional manner.
Operated local buisness for 28 yrs, prepaired budgets, instructing employees, purchasing and operating all types of equiment.  

What do you believe are most important issues in next four years?   What can you do to address those issues?
Cost of fully funding county employee pensions and health insurance
Addressing the cost of our county jail and finding alternative treatment options for minor drug offenses.
The recently closed construction debris and demolition landfill that has resulted in a greatly increased cost to transport all items to Bardstown
Some materials need to be removed to a proper location, a lot of items can be disposed of in a more cost-effective manner with my negotiation skills I believe we can find a better solution than paying another county to do so.
Due to the higher cost I believe there will be a increase in roadside dumping.  
What other issues do you think the county should focus on, and what can you do as magistrate to address those issues?
We have a very limited amount of activities for teens in our community to participate in especially during summer school break. We have been very blessed with many factories locating in Lebanon and Marion County, but we now need to focus some of our efforts on attracting local venues for our teens.

What else would you like voters to know about you?
I believe my work experience will serve me well in making decisions with tax funds and I will always remember who I am elected to serve.
With the wisdom of my faith and my wife I will make decisions in a responsible manner.