Marion County kids have talent

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Schools, local theatre putting our kids in the spotlight

By Stevie Lowery

Marion County is blessed with so many incredibly talented children.
Last week, I was fortunate enough to see many of them in action.
I attended A.C. Glasscock Elementary School’s annual Student Showcase on Thursday. As always, I was in awe at what these children – and their teachers – manage to accomplish. I can’t imagine the amount of work, not to mention patience, it takes to organize, choreograph and pull that showcase together with so many energetic and rambunctious children. And the children are so eager to perform and put on a show for their classmates, teachers and families. It’s just an awesome thing to witness. But, what impresses me even more is that the showcase isn’t something the school HAS to do. It’s something its teachers, students and staff WANT to do. And, now they have a reputation for the extraordinary production they pull off year after year. It’s become a tradition – one I hope continues for years and years to come.
Thursday evening, I attended the opening night of Kentucky Classic Arts production of Cinderella. I was so impressed with the entire show. The young actors, their singing, the choreography, the set, the props and the costumes were all outstanding. The four white mice turned into horses. The pumpkin turned into a carriage. And Cinderella turned into a beautiful princess in front of our very eyes on stage. How they pulled that off I still don’t fully understand. It was impressive.
And, the actors and actresses were truly terrific. The evil stepmother and stepsisters were spot on with their performances. The fairy godmother had a gorgeous voice. And, I laughed out loud a number of times at not only the evil stepsisters, but also Lionel, played by Bobby Wilson. Everyone in the cast did an exceptional job. I left Centre Square Thursday evening not only thoroughly impressed but also thankful that we have people like Robin Humphress with Kentucky Classic Arts, as well as the teachers at our local schools, who continue to give our children an opportunity to tap into their unique talents. Not every child is going to excel academically or athletically. Not every child is going to be a good basketball player or football player. For some children, music, drama and the arts are their thing. And I’m glad they have opportunities to explore their talents in the arts in their very own community. Not every child has that luxury. But, Marion County children do, and they are taking advantage of those opportunities. It’s encouraging and refreshing to see.