Mr. Elmore is a great principal who cares

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Letter to The Editor

 Hi, I'm Andrew Tungate a student from Marion County High School. If you've paid attention to Facebook or listened to the local gossip from the hair salon recently you probably have heard of the demoting/firing of the High Schools' Principal Mr. Thad Elmore. Just to forewarn you, this is my opinion and is in no way in defiance of the Marion County Public School system. With that out of the way let's roll right into it ladies and gentlemen. Mr. Elmore recently has been demoted/fired from his position as Principal of Marion County High School for (from what I know as of now) conflicts with a head official of the school district over personal reasons. 

Mr. Elmore isn't just a great principal to the entire high school, but to its individual students forming personal bonds and friendships with us. He even recommended job opportunities to me, and I'm not the only student he has helped with finding work. With this article I hope to gain awareness of the situation and to possibly initiate change in the school system and bring Mr. Elmore back. I'm not the only student that feels that Marion County High School needs Mr. Elmore, almost our entire high school (give or take a few) participated in a "black out" in which we wore all black in support of Mr. Elmore on Thursday, May 2, along with a walk-out/sit-in on Friday, May 3. Mr. Elmore has been by far the best Principal I've had in my educational journey because he's done one thing I've never seen any other Principal do... care. I know it seems like I'm somewhat biased, but that's why this is on the Opinion Page rather than the News. Mr. Thad Elmore isn't the principal we deserve, but he's one that we need. Thank you for reading my article and hope you to support Mr. Elmore as well.

Andrew Tungate