My wish for Eva Jo


You’re never prepared to lose a parent.

And losing both of your parents in the same year is unimaginable.

But, that happened this year to my co-worker, Eva Jo Nugent. She lost her mother in March after a long battle with Alzheimer’s Disease, and she lost her father Tuesday evening to cancer.

Eva Jo has said the year 2012 has been the toughest year of her life.

I can only hope the year 2013 is kinder to Eva Jo. She deserves a break. She desperately deserves a moment – an entire year - to simply exhale.

That is my wish for Eva Jo.

She carries the world on her shoulders on most days, and I know she’s simply exhausted.

When my father died in 2007, she wrote a poem for my twin sister and me. It’s framed and on display in my home today. It meant so much to me then, and still means a great deal to me today.

Losing my dad was a very difficult reality check for me, and for Eva Jo’s sake, I’m glad she was able to spend quality time with her father, especially since the passing of her mother. She made sure to get her daddy out of the house and take him to his favorite restaurants for a bite to eat. I know she will look back on those “dates” with her dad and be so thankful for those memories. I hope those memories give her the comfort she needs during this difficult time.

Your family at the Enterprise loves you, Eva Jo.

May the year 2013 be a much kinder, gentler one for you.