No one is perfect

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By Gerard Flanagan

Sports correspondent

Once more, I sit down and try to think of a good column idea. There were many from which I could choose, but one stuck out to me in particular: how people worry themselves to death over trying to be perfect.
The only NFL team to have a perfect season was the 1972 Miami Dolphins under Don Shula. They went 14-0, with a win in Super Bowl VII. The perfect season the Dolphins put together 43 years ago still resonates with fans from that era, as well as fans born after that era. No team has ever had a perfect season. The only team to come close was the 2007 New England Patriots under Bill Belichick, who went 18-1.
Their only loss - Super Bowl XLII to the Giants, due to David Tyree's heads-up play (pun intended).
However, were their seasons “really” perfect? Were there not interceptions, fumbles, dropped passes, etc, from both teams? I don't mean to minimize what both teams did. To go undefeated, win a Super Bowl (or even appear in one) is a great achievement. My point is that perfection is impossible. To be perfect means you would have to make no errors.
People make mistakes all the time, from minor errors to pretty big errors. It is our nature to make mistakes, to interpret something incorrectly, to calculate something wrong, to misread something.
However, it seems people let that bother and eat away at them. They hate to accept the fact they will make mistakes. They worry themselves to death over wanting to be perfect. They feel they will disappoint people, not get a promotion, or be a failure. They sit and mull over how they feel this mistake will ruin their lives and careers.
Admittedly, some mistakes can ruin lives and careers. This column I am writing is not trying to say all mistakes are excusable and can be justified or made less important by humility. What I am attempting to say is we are not perfect, and we need to come to accept it.
If you want to live a fulfilling and happy life, then quit worrying over being perfect. We constantly make up a list of imperfections, and we say to ourselves if we fix these imperfections, we will become worthy of the approval, love and respect of others. We will be enough if only we can "fix" ourselves.
I can't give you a life-changing and awe-inspiring sermon in 500 words. If you feel the need to be perfect, just remember that we will make mistakes, and we cannot let our mistakes define us. We are more than one mistake. We have meaning.
For now, I guess I will go back to being human.