One ring? Ignore them all

 The Kentucky State Police are warning cell phone users about "The One-Ring Scam". For you fantasy fans out there, this has nothing to do with The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings or J.R.R. Tolkien.

Instead, this is a scam in which a computer from outside the United States calls a number, lets it ring and then hangs up. If the cell phone user returns the call, he or she may find an additional charge on their next bill. According to the Kentucky State Police, some victims have been charged as much as $20 for the call and up to $9 for each additional minute.

Many of the area codes for these calls originate in the Caribbean Islands, so the state police are advising people not to return calls from numbers they do not recognize.

For reference, the state police have provided a list of areas codes that have been used to make these "One-Ring" calls:

• Dominican Republic - 809

• Jamaica - 876

• British Virgin Islands - 284

• Grenada - 473

• Aruba - 297

• Antigua - 268