This is my first official entry for my “Owen blog.” It’s also my first time blogging. And, I’ll just warn you, if you don’t want to read about my adorable four-year-old son, Owen, then you should just save yourself some time and stop reading now.

You see, when trying to decide on what I could blog about, Owen seemed like a natural choice. After all, he gives me plenty of material on a weekly basis. And, if you’re my Facebook friend, you get to read about Owen all the time, as well as see hundreds of photos and a handful of videos that have become quite popular. The videos involve Owen singing and dancing to his favorite musicians, which include the Dave Matthews Band, Justin Bieber, the Black Eyed Peas and… ahem… AC/DC. (That’s his father’s influence, not mine. Although, I have been known to jam out to some AC/DC with Owen on the way to school in the mornings. But, for the record, I prefer DMB.)

Anywho, I have been keeping an on-going log (as opposed to blog) on my computer at work and, when I remember to do so, I type down different milestones and funny things Owen says and does. Notice I said that I do this when I “remember” to do it. I still haven’t finished Owen’s baby book for goodness sakes!

But, nonetheless, I thought as my first blog entry I would share some of my favorite “Owenisms” with you, and continue to do so for the coming weeks, months and years… that is, when I remember!

Owen's firsts and “Owenisms”

March 30, 2010

Owen hit his first baseball at Stacy Mattingly's house with her sons, Lucas and Jon Connor.

April 13, 2010

Owen skipped his first rock on Mee-Mom's pond.

April 17, 2010

Owen caught his first fish with Uncle Adam. It was a blue gill.

May 5, 2010

Before bed, Owen said, "Momma, I love you as much as a shark has teeth."

May 25, 2010

Owen swam in the pool with floaties! He was so proud of himself!

May 27, 2010

Owen played cornhole for the first time (I think).

June 7, 2010

Owen took his first shower. He said it was like a sprinkler. He said, "Mommy, I can't wait for my next shower. That is so much fun!"

Summer of 2010

First girlfriend: Shelby Hood - Chad and Kim Hood's daughter

Jun 30, 2010

Sitting at the dinner table, eating his Ramen noodles, Owen heard something on the news about Murray State University. He asked, "Momma, where was I when you were at Murray State?" I said, "Well, Owen, you weren't here yet." He asked a few more questions, trying to understand, and then he said, "Maybe I was in God's refrigerator."

July 14, 2010

Owen's first “official” teeth cleaning at Dr. Bill Duley’s office. He did great!

Aug. 9, 2010

The night before Owen started preschool, he was lying down with me in bed and said, "Mommy, I'll never, ever, ever, ever forget you." I tried not to cry...

He also told me a story about how when he was a baby in my belly I ate some watermelon and it went into the "electrical chord" and he ate some and burped.

Aug. 10, 2010

Owen's first day of preschool at St. Augustine Grade School. He did awesome.

Aug. 22, 2010

Owen's first soccer practice/game. He did great during practice, but refused to play in the game. Said he was too hot and sweaty.

That same night he was being a turd and complaining about everything. At one point he cried, "Momma, why can't you just let me have my way?"

Oct. 31, 2010 - Halloween

Owen's first time playing in a pile of leaves at Brandi Gulley's house in Calvary.

Nov. 10, 2010

Owen's first "progress report" at preschool. He got all check marks. The only thing he had trouble with was knowing where his "wrist" was. And he counted to 59 without any help at all. The teacher wrote, "He is doing great. He is a sweet boy."