The Pigasus Treasure Hunt - Clue No. 5!

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Time, once again, for a Ham Days tradition,

The Pigasus Treasure Hunt.

Remember the search requires no demolition

And nary a hazardous stunt.

Clue No. 1:

Moderating earth's climate,

It leads the clue:

A beautiful flower

Made one instead of two.

Clue No. 2:

Cinematic Sugar;

Unsinkable on the stage.

Ivy league for certain,

Bruno is their rage.

Clue No. 3:

An inexperienced or youthful affiliation;

The Chicago River for a March celebration;

Where you should go for nature's preservation;

This tavern will reopen for dinner reservations.

Clue No. 4

This composite dates back to Ancient Rome

And, was used for the world's largest dome.

The word, not abstract or imaginary,

Supports the Pegasus' treasure zone.

Clue No. 5

In the Bible his wife is unnamed.

But, she was Ado (ahDUW) the Rabbi might claim.

A unit of items in an auction domain,

Desitiny or fate would all guide your aim.