Plans to close landfill proceed

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Transfer station to become point of disposal

By John A. Nelson
Landmark News Service

With only a few months of space left in the Construction Debris & Demolition landfill, Marion County is moving forward with plans to transport local household waste to Nelson County via an existing transfer station on Fairground Road.
Magistrates reviewed cost estimates for two options, one in which Marion County would deliver waste to the Nelson County facility, the other in which Nelson County would provide pick-up service.
Both estimates assume 2,000 cubic yards of waste per year collected in a single 30-yard dumpster provided by Nelson County. Nelson County would charge $432 per trip should it pick up the dumpster itself, assuming 67 trips per year for an annual cost of $28,944. The estimated cost to Marion County of transporting the waste itself was $24,312, but considerations also included its use of a tractor trailer as opposed to a garbage truck. The heavy load would decrease the life of the trailer and overloading could result in law enforcement citations. The cost of a new truck also weighed into the decision.
Two drop-off sites will eventually be developed at the transfer station for safety reasons, and in July the court discussed the need to build a wall at a cost of $85,000, altering the existing backhoe and purchase of a road tractor for $120,000.
The backhoe alteration was approved on Thursday at a cost of $9,000.