In Progress

Cherries, onions and chickens. Right now these are a few of the things "in progress" at our house. Dennis got in onion sets awhile back and they were one of the first things to go in the ground for the coming years garden. There have also been fruit trees, potatoes, brocolli and cabbage but just recently a few cherry bushes have arrived and await planting.

Gabs is extremely excited about the prospect of cherries. She got a little play kitchen for Christmas and will only offer one pie from her oven, cherry. At first we thought it was because her little plastic pie had red pie filling poking through the crust lattice but she seems all too willing to imagine brownies into being, despite not have any pretend brownies to offer. She will occasionally come into the living room and ask if anyone would like some pie and when asked for something like blackberry pie or chocolate pie she will promptly tell us that, "No. I only have cherry pie." So needless to say when Dennis explained that the little plants sitting on the kitchen table should someday have cherries Gabby was very happy. Now to explain that it will be a very long time before any fruit appears...

While Gabby has been dreaming of cherries my husband has spent the last month looking and longing for chicks on the interent. All of them feathered so don't worry, no war has broken out over his web viewing choices!

At this moment there are three egg cartons on top of the dresser in our bedroom. It's been a busy week and I've been a little oblivious to the fact that these were there. The other night when I finally noticed them and asked Dennis about them he explained that it's because our bedroom is pretty much the warmest room of the house and he has to keep the egg temperature stable for a few days. He is providing the 4-H kids at his office with some of the fertilized eggs from our flock for their hatching project. For the most part the kids merely want the experience of hatching but oddly enough their parents aren't always too keen on actually taking a chicken home. So the kids will be doing the work and we will hopefully be gaining a few new chicken children because of it.

All of those chicken websearches have also meant that Dennis has several new chicken breeds in route to the house. This time he went the egg route instead of baby chicks. I think the post office will be thankful although I have to say it was still fun getting a phone call telling us that we had chickens waiting for us. We'll be sending those eggs along to the 4-H ers with the offspring from our current chicken parents. I'm actually more interested in seeing what chicks hatch from our birds more so than the new ones. Wonder if it means I'm a grandma if any baby chicks actually come from the project? I'll definately have to tell the girls they'll be aunts, although I have a feeling Tori will try to start dressing them up if she feels she has a familial chicken connection!

I have to say that I'm more than ready for spring. It seems like this is the winter that never ends. I think if it had ever really produced a real snow I might not have been too tired of it. Neverending cold dark days with no snowflakes to give contrast to the darkness has left me realizing that I may be catching some of Dennis's dislike for the season. I've always been good with winter, even looked forward to it but for the first time ever I've started to wonder what it might be like to live in a place that has sunshine year round.

Front porch days are drawing near and I'm about as excited about it as Gabby is about her cherries. I even got to open the windows up and blow some of the stale air out of the house last night. It makes me feel like I'm in progress too. I love that feeling.

I'd gotten a little stale myself. I was sick last week and it left me feeling pretty stagnet. Once the body aches subsided I got this incredible urge to do something creative or productive or just anything that didn't involve being in the dark on the couch. My first course of action was to try and clean the house a little. I feel like my brain is cluttered when the house is a wreck. I've thrown any diet out the window and have baked banana ginger bread and brownies. I have a quiche planned soon.

I've been taking some pictures of the chickens and decided to start a new t-shirt line on our zazzle site called "Chicken Dating Service". I think it's a hazard of the trade but we librarians are a little too imaginative at times. I suppose some might think it odd that I've been sitting around coming up with dating profiles and headshots for chickens. They seriously have personalities though! And after all who wouldn't want to have a better idea of the personality of the chicken providing their eggs? Yeah...maybe I'm the only one!

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