Send us your PROMposals

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As April draws closer, more Marion County High School students are popping the question... “Prom?”
And, what used to be a simple question has grown to an elaborate and creative undertaking.
We want to hear about this year’s best “Promposals.”
For example, Cody Thomas wanted to ask a special young woman to the prom and wrote the following:
“Prom? What is prom? As most people know, prom is a day when ladies and gentleman get dressed up for a night to feel special and dance the night away. Nowadays, everyone gets a party bus, horse carriages, atvs, hay wagon, etc., to show up in style. As prom draws its way closer, people are popping the question left and right, which is known as a promposal. To get my point across, there is a special lady that I would really like to take to prom. She is a beautiful blonde that always has a contagious smile. She’s smart, artistic and just absolutely wonderful. Katlin Masterson, will you go to prom with me? It would be great to spend this special day with you.”
We hope she says yes, Cody.
If you went above the bar, like Cody, to ask your date to prom, we want to hear about it. Email details of your “Promposal” and a photo to Stevie Lowery at editor@lebanonenterprise.com.