Shave Stevie’s Head

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By Stephen Lega

Demi Moore.
Sigourney Weaver.
Charlize Theron.
Natalie Portman.
What do the women above have in common? They have all shaved their heads for money.
On March 15, we’ll be able to add another name to that list — Enterprise Publisher Stevie Lowery. That day, the 2014 St. Baldrick’s event will be held from 1-3 p.m. at St. Augustine School in Lebanon.
The difference is Stevie isn’t doing it to make money for herself. She’s doing it to raise money for the St. Baldrick’s Foundation, a charity that exists to fight children’s cancer.
Now, if you know Stevie or you’ve seen her photo. You’ll know that shaving her head could be quite an ordeal.
Not everyone believed she was serious, either. When she notified friends and family that she had signed up for St. Baldrick’s, her sister sent her a text to ask if her email account had been hacked.
Nope, Stevie’s really doing this, and she has absolutely no hesitation.
OK, maybe some hesitation — but she’s still moving forward. Here’s the proof: You can visit her “shavee” page on the St. Baldrick’s website at http://goo.gl/eMcjJX.
Her official goal is $5,000, and she’s already received more than $1,800 in pledges.
Unofficially, her goal is $10,000 (it is a LOT of hair, after all), and I know we will help her get there.
Now, I suggested that Stevie offer to go out on a date with the person who makes the biggest individual donation, but for some reason she’s not backing that idea.
We’ve also reached out to our peers in the newspaper industry through our parent company, Landmark Community Newspapers Inc., and the Kentucky Press Association. My hope is to get $100 from 100 newspapers. Maybe you can find 10 people to donate $10 each or 100 people to give $1 each. Maybe some of the people making the big bucks (I’m told they exist in the newspaper industry) can chip in a little more.
Given Kentucky’s ties to a number of celebrities, maybe someone out there has a connection to, oh, I don’t know, Johnny Depp, George Clooney or Jennifer Lawrence to start a fund-raising effort.
We’ve got an idea to use our Turtleman ties — yee yee yee!
Now, I know that a few of you may be jealous of Stevie’s curly locks, and a few others of you may not like Stevie. Believe me, I can totally — I mean, I can’t believe that at all.
What better way to teach her a lesson than by shearing her head clean? That’ll show her.
To be clear, I honestly don’t care if you’re giving to show support or spite. Whatever your reason, every donation will be helping to fight kids cancer.
As I mentioned before, you can donate online at http://goo.gl/eMcjJX. You can also make a donation to the “Shave Stevie’s Head” account at Citizens National Bank, 149 W. Main Street in Lebanon, KY 40033.
And don’t worry about Stevie. As someone who shaves his head a couple times a week, I’ll be around to offer her head care tips in the months after St. Baldrick’s.