Snow creates problems countywide

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Drivers urged to stay off roads if possible

By Stephen Lega

Marion County received between 11 and 13 inches of snow Monday, according to Marion County Emergency Management Director Hayden Johnson, and that created particularly hazardous road conditions.

“We had multiple slide-offs all over the county,” Johnson said.

City, county and state road crews are continuing to try to clear off the roads as temperatures dip into the single digits and even colder.

“Stay warm if at all possible. Stay inside because we’re going to get into the negative wind chill factors,” Johnson said.

Marion County Judge/Executive David Daugherty said road crews worked all day Monday trying to clean up county roads.

“We’re doing the best we can do. Three hundred miles of road is a lot to cover,” Daugherty said.

He added that he appreciates the efforts by local and state crews, adding that emergency services personnel have done everything they can, including transporting patients when possible.

“Everybody stepped up and done their job,” Daugherty said.

According to the National Weather Service, another inch of snow is possible Tuesday evening, while wind chills could push temperatures to -10 degrees.

Arctic winds could bring bitterly cold conditions on Wednesday and Thursday, with temperatures between -10 and -5 degrees on Thursday morning with wind chills possible down to -25 degrees, according to the weather service.

"These bone chilling temperatures and wind chills pose a real danger to anyone who is outside for prolonged periods of time," the weather service reported.