Snow days pack reasons to be thankful

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Thank you to those who work to make snow days easier on all of us

So. Much. Snow.
We’re not complaining (other areas of the country, such as Boston, have had it much worse). But, we’ve had our fill. At least most of us have.
We would be remiss if we didn’t recognize and show our appreciation for the people in this community who have worked countless hours to make life as normal as possible with 12 to 14 inches of snow.
The state and county road crews have worked tirelessly to try and keep the roads as clear as possible. There are hundreds of miles of road to cover in this county, and their job of trying to keep them drivable is no easy task.
We appreciate you, road crew.
The City of Lebanon public works employees also worked overtime trying to keep the city’s roads and sidewalks clear. We watched them from the warm confines of our office as they cleared off Proctor Knott Avenue Friday, and we do not envy their jobs.
Thank you, public works team.
We are also extremely grateful for our utility crews that helped restore power for many Marion Countians, as well as local law enforcement and emergency service personnel and volunteers who worked non-stop as the snow fell trying to help stranded drivers who were stuck in ditches or in some sort of distress because of poor driving conditions. Those same folks also responded to emergencies in very hazardous conditions, helped local hospital staff and nursing home staff get to work, and helped people get to essential appointments, such as dialysis treatments. On that note, we want to thank all of the healthcare professionals who don’t get snow days and must show up to work no matter what. We appreciate you.
Snow days are fun when you’re a kid, but for so many of us they are a huge hassle and make daily life very difficult. Thank you to anyone who works to try to make snow days easier on the rest of us.
And, we offer our sympathy to the county’s sanitation employees this week. With no garbage pickup for the past week, your job is going to be even more difficult than usual. We urge all county residents to be patient and understanding this week when placing out your trash. Please set your garbage out so that it is easily accessible to the sanitation workers. They are going to have their work cut out for them, and we need to try and do what we can to make their job easier.
Also, we want to thank our readers who submitted snow photos. We have been extremely impressed with some of the photography we’ve received showing the blanket of snow that fell on Marion County last week. Make sure you check all of the photos out in our paper this week, and on our website.
And, in case you didn’t already know, as of today we only have 22 more days until spring. Old Man Winter’s time is almost up, and we can’t wait to see him leave.