Some voters’ precincts have changed

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Notifications have been mailed to voters who were impacted

By Stevie Lowery

Approximately 500 voters in Marion County have been voting at the wrong precinct, but that has been corrected just in time for the May Primary Election, which is coming up on May 22.

According to Marion County Clerk Chad Mattingly, he’s been working with the Lincoln Trail Area Development District to ensure that all voters were assigned to the correct voting precinct.

“I had noticed some clerical errors from previous years and wanted to do everything in my power to make sure that the voter roll in Marion County was as accurate as possible,” Mattingly wrote in an email to the Enterprise. “I’m certain that we achieved our goal.”

According to Mattingly, many of the errors were made because the voter’s precinct assignment wasn’t changed when the voter moved residences.

“Many of the errors were inexplicable and can only be attributed to a lack of attention to detail,” Mattingly wrote. “The deputy that previously had the responsibility of managing the voter roll has retired, so these lessons will be part of the training for anyone that takes on that role in the future.”

All voters that had their precinct corrected were mailed a postcard size notification with their correct polling location assignment. In addition to those voters, everyone in the C102 Library precinct were mailed a notification card informing them that their polling location has changed to the Lebanon Methodist Church while the Marion County Public Library is being renovated. According to Mattingly, fewer than 500 voters had their assigned precinct corrected. The C102 Library precinct has more than 1,600 voters registered. So, all in all, approximately 2,000 voters in Marion County received a notification recently regarding their voting precinct. 

“I wanted to make this information available to the public for many reasons,” Mattingly wrote. “First, everything we do is in the public interest and the transparency of elections is important for the public trust and the democratic process. Second, we strive to have the most accurate voter roll possible, and by using the latest technology and techniques, we were able to identify and correct mistakes that have been gradually building up over the years. Third, every voter who had their voting precinct corrected will receive a notification in the mail. Many people hadn’t done anything to change their voter registration in years, so I wanted to let everyone know the reason that they were receiving the notification by mail. With the prevalence of identity theft, I didn’t want anyone worrying that their identity had been stolen or any other type of nefarious action.”

If you have any questions, call the Marion County Clerk’s Office at 270-692-2651.