State of emergency may not mean what you think

Marion County officials have declared a local state of emergency for Feb. 16-18.

This probably doesn't mean what you think. Yes, the county declared an emergency during the 2009 ice storm, but the recent snowfall and impending colder temperatures are no where near those levels. Yes, it's inconvenient, and it's certainly making things difficult, but the declaration of a state of emergency is mostly of preliminary action. 

Marion County Judge/Executive David Daugherty explained that the county has to declare a state of emergency to possibly be reimbursed for its expenses related to dealing with the recent weather. He added that the county may not reach the level of spending that would qualify for reimbursement.

At the same time, if the county does reach that level of spending and it has not declared an emergency, then there is no chance it will be reimbursed for any of those costs.

Again, the weather is going to be bad for a few more days. So, please, don't make any unneeded trips and, especially this evening and tomorrow, try to stay inside as much as possible.