Submit your funny, awkward Santa photos!

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It's that time of year again.
It's time to take your children to get their photos taken with Santa Claus.
After all, it's a tradition, right?
Every year, we dress our children up in their most festive holiday outfits, hoping to get that perfect photo of Santa Claus and little Johnny and Sally smiling with rosy, dimpled cheeks.
But, let's be honest.
That rarely, if ever, happens.
Instead, the photographs capture a much different image. The image of our children in complete and total terror - screaming, crying, kicking, and, in some cases, peeing their pants.
It can be a traumatic experience for children and their parents. And, let's not forget about Santa Claus. He's the one usually getting assaulted or peed on.
But, if we're being honest, sometimes Santa Claus, no matter how jolly he tries to be, can be scary. (No offense, Santa.) As we all know, there are some really bad Santa imposters out there. Our children can spot them with ease.
We want to share your funny Santa photos!
If you have a Santa photo that's funny, weird, or just plain bad, send it to us.
And, we haven't forgotten about you pet lovers. Do you have a funny photo of your pet with Santa Claus? If so, we want to see it!
Please email your photos to editor@lebanonenterprise.com.
The deadline is Friday, Dec. 12.