Tough loss

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Lady Knights' first loss in the district finals since 2007

By Bailey Foxworth
Sports correspondent

Marion County volleyball saw the 20th District Championship title slip through their fingers for the first time since 2007, when they lost 0-3 to Taylor County in the championship game.
The Lady Knights went into the district tournament with a regular season record of 13-19-1, the first losing record since 2007.
The Lady Knights won the first match of the tournament, defeating Campbellsville 3-0.
“Aubrey Logan, Madelyn Hagan and our libero, Alex Thomas, all had an outstanding match. That kept us moving forward,” Head Coach David Hibbard said.
Although the Lady Knights lost the district tournament, their win over Campbellsville guaranteed them a spot in the 5th Regional Tournament, which started Monday, Oct. 26.
“I’m extremely proud of how our team stepped up and played our best volleyball in our biggest match. We just happened to run into a really great team. Taylor County has been the best team in our region all year, and they had more plays than we did,” Hibbard said.
The Lady Knights played Central Hardin in the first match of the regional tournament on Monday. Results will be available in next week’s edition.