Tractor Traffic

As I’ve often said before I really enjoy my drive to and from work each day.  Long before we moved I loved the views on St. Rose Road.  With summer approaching the landscape is once again refreshed by the cover of wheat that many of the farmers have planted in the fields that run next to the road side.  I just love the way they look soft and bristly all at once, for some reason it reminds me of buzz cut and I can’t help but want to stick my hand out the window and run it along the top of it. 

With all that scenery I have a tendency to get distracted, even more so than with my usual attention problems, it’s no surprise then that I’m forever running late.  I had been doing better but this morning we were running behind again and this time not to my credit.  You see we got behind an incredibly tall hi boy tractor and if you’ve driven that road you know there aren’t many places to pass.

Now it may seem odd but tractor traffic truly doesn’t bother me.  You’re forever hearing stories about how someone’s fate is changed by a minute or two difference in traffic.  I figure me having to slow down for a tractor may be just some cosmic way to get me to where I’m going at the proper time. 

Tractors have actually been a big topic of discussion at our house of late.  While we only have three acres and in no way need a top of the line set up complete with air conditioning and radio we’re beginning to realize that for mowing purposes alone we’re going to need more than a riding mower.  Not to mention if Dennis is going to continue with the same size garden that he took on last year we’re going to need more than his tiller.  A small tractor really seems to be the answer.

Never once in my youth did I think a tractor or maybe a small barn would top my wish list.  Although comically enough right before Dennis and I married my mother told me that she’d had a dream that I was marrying an Amish farmer and that they needed a tractor for my dowry.  At the time the whole scenario seemed absurd to me and more so than just for the simple reason that the Amish don’t own tractors.  Who knew that I’d now be wishing they’d given us one!   

I’m guessing this newfound love of tractors is just another thing to add to the list of my gradual progression from city to country girl.  I will even admit to now liking the Kenny Chesney song, “She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy” and I really do seem to be listening to more and more country music.    

I suppose then that it shouldn’t be any wonder that, secretly or maybe not so secretly now, I enjoyed the fact that we had to list tractor as the reason for Tori being late to school this morning.  While I’m, of course, not trying to excuse or promote truancy or lateness to school I just couldn’t help but smile when Tori was asked, “Why were you late today?” and she piped up happily, “We got behind this REALLY big tractor.”  

Amy Morgeson

Covert Chickens