Turkey hunting isn’t as easy as it sounds

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By Shelton Young

Almost everyone who hunts wild turkey knows there’s a big difference in the methods used between the spring and fall seasons.
In the spring the lust crazed toms are easily (yeah, right) called as they search for girlfriends.
Ya just do some scouting, hopefully locate a roost area, then set up on that area the next morning and start calling when the birds fly down. If ya miss the fly down you can still (hopefully) locate a bird by making a series of loud calls and listening for a reply. Then ya “run and gun.”
In the fall you’re still running, but for a different reason. In the fall you’re not going for the “lust,” you’re going for the “lost.” It’s said that turkeys won’t answer a call in the fall. While I don’t have the credentials to dispute what the “experts” say, I’ve had them answer my calls in the fall.
The standard way to take fall turkeys is to locate a flock then run in amongst them making noise and acting all crazy. This scares the turkeys and makes them scatter. Let’s see, ya just woke up and are stretching out a little. Then, out of the mist emerges this camo clad Sasquatch lookin’ creature yellin’ and screamin’. Yep, you’re going to scatter!
Anyway, after ya scatter the birds ya find a nice spot, with a tree to your back, and sit down. Then after a few minutes take out your trusty call and do some Kee-Kee calls. If all goes according to plan you’ll hear birds answering as they try to locate their kin.
You should see a turkey(s) walking through the underbrush calling in an effort to regroup the flock.
See a bird, shoot the bird! Simple isn’t it?
Well, there are several problems. First you have to locate a flock of turkeys. This can be done by scouting a lot. You’re looking for ‘scratched up’ areas where they’ve been feeding, feathers they just naturally drop in their day to day activities, or best of all, a flock of birds. Remember, they will answer a call, they just won’t naturally come to it, unless it’s to regroup.
If you have a lot of areas to hunt, you can scout more but if you’re limited in the acreage you have available, your best bet would be to go to an area you’ve shot/seen turkeys in the past. If it’s a small area you haven’t hunted, look for trees and set up near them. Then it’s a matter of waitin’, listenin’, and lookin’.
Course most everything else applies. You’ll have to be all camoed up head to toe. You have to be still… turkeys can see a blink at 40 yards. And shoot at the head/neck area and not the whole bird!
The biggest difference between spring and fall turkey season is that in the spring you can only shoot toms but in the fall you can shoot a tom or a hen… ya still have to report your kill.
So go get ’em and good luck!

Reports have fall fishin’ going strong.
Crappie anglers are having good luck in brush piles and by spider rigging. That’s running several rods at once … looking like a spider.
Bass Anglers have been cleaning up off points using spinnerbaits and spoons.
So this time of year ya can get up and go turkey huntin’, then go fishing and after a day on the water come back and do some more turkey hunting.
Course, if ya get tired and want a change of pace you can scout for the upcoming deer season while ya hunt for turkeys!

The Mid-KY Bass Anglers will be holding their awards banquet on November 6.
It’s at the VFW building on Veterans Drive and we start at 7pm.
You are requested to bring a dish, the club will provide the meat.
Looking forward to seeing everyone!
That’s it for now. Get out, enjoy what Mother Nature has to offer, stay safe and I’ll see ya next week.