Your vote counts

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Letter to The Editor

In the last election, 69 percent of eligible voters failed to vote, resulting in Matt Bevin being elected Governor by 15.8 percent of Kentucky's eligible voters. He began his term by attacking civil rights for the LGBT community, withdrawing Medicaid assistance for health care insurance to 500,000 of Kentucky's neediest citizens, eliminating pre-natal health care to poor women, cutting funding to education, and diminishing teachers and public service employees pensions while cutting taxes to banks and insurance companies by $61 million and taking $201 million from state worker's health plan to balance his proposed budget ... aren't you sorry now that you failed to vote?

The Primary Election will be held on Tuesday, May 22. You may think it's not important because there are no major offices being contested ... or that the REAL election is not until Nov. 6. You may think the Primary Election is just a "pin the tail on the donkey" parlor game where you're asked to pick from a list of folks running for local offices, most of whom you don't know, let alone know what they do.

However, these local positions determine how this community is administered and nothing could be more important than that. Among the offices for which you will be asked to cast a vote is for District Judge Division 2. There is really only one truly qualified candidate for the position - Dawn L. McCauley - the only woman in a field of four males, all of whom are lawyers in law offices with mentors and multiple partners and one has to worry whether they could be fair and impartial in their decisions were one of the litigants before them to be a former friend and partner. Some are so incompetent and carry so much baggage that I'm surprised that their ears are not two feet long (burro, LOL), but I won't get into that here.   

Fortunately, we have one brilliant candidate that knows the law, manages her own law office so she is beholden to no one and whom is totally above reproach, impartial, fair, honest, decisive and expeditious ... willing and capable of rendering accurate, lawful decisions quickly without wasting everyone's precious time. That candidate is Dawn L. McCauley. This Primary Election is not a "pin the tail on the donkey" parlor game ... and your vote counts! VOTE!

Jon Michael