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  • Early Files 1-19-11

    130 years ago
    January 19, 1881
    From Loretto
    Mr. G.G. Thompson and lady gave the young folks a cotillion party last week which was well attended by both ladies and gentlemen. It proved to be a very enjoyable affair, and would be long remembered by those present if it was not to be followed in quick succession by so many others of the same kind.

    Adair circuit court
    Buck Commer was convicted of kukluxing and punishment fired at ten months imprisonment, but the judge granted him a new trial.

    Crushed hand healing

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  • Early Files 1-12-11

    130 years ago
    January 5, 1881

    Residence partially burned
    About 11 o’clock on Tuesday night the house of Dr. M.S. Shuck, on the Bradfordsville Pike, was found to be on fire. The fire broke out in a little room at the end of the porch. Word was sent out at once to some members of the fire company, who arrived promptly, but when they arrived on the scene the engine would not work.

  • Early Files 1-5-2011

    135 years ago
    Dec. 29, 1875

    Griping a long time ago
    A Washington correspondent of the New York World writes: ”It cost the people of the United States about $10,000 a day to support the House of Representatives. A session of the House consumes from three to four hours. Every hour’s work is done at the expense of $2,500. Every minute of the session cost $40.”

  • Early Files 12-22-10

    130 years ago          Dec. 8, 1880

  • Early Files 12-15-10

    145 years ago
    Dec. 15, 1865
    Timely reminder
    “Mrs. Henry,” said John to his wife the other morning, “If you give me a Christmas present this year, please arrange it so the bill won’t come in till the next month. It’s just as well to keep up the illusion for a short time.”

    Old complaint
    We like to see a man hanged, because then we are sure he will never come around to beg exchanges which we haven’t even looked at ourselves. (Quoted from an exchange.)

    75 years ago

  • Early Filed 12-01-10

    135 years ago
    Dec. 1, 1875
    Progress report
    From the Bradfordsville correspondent: Our mill at this place is doing a fine business, running day and night. And its new owner, Mr. Terhune, judging from the way he makes things move, expects to make it grind if there’s any grind in it. This mill is now new and splendidly equipped, having a force pump that sucks water from the Rolling Fork, a distance of 350 yards. This certainly is a great improvement as, heretofore water had to be hauled in wagons.

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    135 years ago

  • Early Files

    130 years ago

    Nov. 3, 1880

    Against new president

    Our dispatches indicate that James A. Garfield has been elected President of the United States.

    This result we cannot help but think this a disgrace to our civilization, a public scandal, a national disaster. No man with such a record as Garfield’s as never before been a candidate for the presidency, and his triumph is well calculated to throw discredit on popular intelligence and to weaken faith in the discriminating justice of the American people.