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  • 135 years ago

  • First Baptist Church of Lebanon, recently celebrated 150 years of existence.
    Other dignitaries in attendance were: State Representative Terry Mills, and city council member Elizabeth Osbourne.  Several out of state visitors and guests helped celebrate this momentous occasion.  A delicious meal was enjoyed by the many well wishers in attendance.  Rev.  Calhoun has  been the Pastor of First Baptist Church for 22 years.   First Baptist Church is located on N. Depot Street, Sunday services are at 11 a.m.  All are welcome to come worship.

  • By Jacqueline Moffitt

  • Grayson Barnett celebrated his 2nd birthday Nov. 10, 2010. He is the son of Brad and Ashley Barnett. Grandparents are Karen and Obie Whitehead, Greg and Barbara Barnett and Mike and Jean Peterson.

  • Marissa Kay Tucker celebrated her 2nd birthday Nov. 8, 2010. She is the daughter of Roy and Cara Tucker of Lebanon. Grandparents are Carolyn Thompson and Russell Mattingly, both of Lebanon. Marissa has one brother, Colton, and one sister, Kaylee.

  • Linsey Nicole Craig celebrated her 4th birthday Nov. 3, 2010. She is the daughter of Brandon and Tina Craig of Lebanon. Grandparents are Donnie and Nancy Miles, Donnie and Donna Craig and Mike and Martha Mattingly. Great-grandparents are Robert and Lucy Craig. Linsey Nicole has one brother, Landon.

  • By Dr. David B. Whitlock

    I have too much stuff. I know I do.

    But on second thought, do I? How do we know when we have too much stuff? Who is the judge of that?

    My guess is, I'm not alone in thinking I have too much stuff; most Americans would join me in the "I've got too much stuff" confessional.  In our consumer driven society, owners of specialty stores make money helping us find ways to store more of our stuff so they buy more stuff for themselves.

  • Fertilizing your lawn is a good way to maintain a healthy turf. You should fertilize every year.

    Fertilizing your lawn helps maintain a uniform, dense, green, turf and reduces weed problems. The good effects of fertilizing can be lost if you fertilize at the wrong time. Low maintenance turf requires one application of fertilization in late October or anytime in November for most grass types.

    Don't guess what your lawn needs! Get a soil test done.