• WMES to have a turning lane by next school year

    A turning lane will be constructed in front of West Marion Elementary School sometime this summer, according to information provided by State Sen. Jimmy Higdon.

    Higdon told the Enterprise via email that the turning lane will be bid in the spring and constructed this summer.

  • GES goes back in time

    A. C. Glasscock Elementary School students had a surprise waiting for them when they entered the school library Friday. Standing among the bookshelves was a gigantic Tarbosaurus.

  • Idiom Day at GES

    A.C. Glasscock Elementary School recently held a special “Idiom Day.” Students and teachers dressed as idioms, which are commonly used expressions whose meaning does not relate to the literal meaning of its words. For example, “It’s raining cats and dogs.”

  • Are we shortchanging our kids?

    Connor Zink didn’t come to the Marion County Board of Education’s public forum Thursday evening prepared to speak.
    But, the Lebanon Elementary School fourth grader bravely raised his hand anyway.
    In a room full of adults, primarily local educators, Zink fearlessly walked up to the podium to talk about his school, but more specifically, what his school needs.
    “Our classroom is where the art room used to be,” Zink told the crowd. “There wasn’t enough room for another teacher.”

  • St. Catharine College files suit in federal court against U.S. Department of Education

    Following a unanimous vote of support by its Board of Trustees this morning, St. Catharine College today filed suit in the U.S. District Court in Louisville to compel the U.S. Department of Education to release federal student aid funds for which its students are eligible.  The College claims disbursements to it from the Department of Education are being withheld without reason and is insisting upon their payment.

  • 2-24-16 School Menus

    Tuesday, March 1: whole grain chocolate chip muffin and toast or assorted cereal and toast, orange wedges, peaches, juice, and milk.
    Wednesday, March 2: bacon, egg slider and toast or assorted cereal and toast, pear slices, grape cluster, juice, and milk.
    Wednesday, March 3: sausage breakfast pizza and toast or assorted cereal and toast, fruit cocktail, applesauce, juice, and milk.
    Thursday, March 4: French toast with maple syrup and toasts or assorted cereal and toast, strawberry cup, pear slices, juice, and milk.

  • Marion County Area Technology Center Students of the Month
  • ACT test to be given to MCHS juniors

    As mandated by KRS 158.6453, all of Kentucky’s public school juniors now participate in the ACT, which assesses English, reading, mathematics and science and is scored on a scale of 1 to 36. The cost of the exam is paid for by state funds.

  • 2-17-16 School Menus

    Monday, Feb. 22: maple mini pancakes and toast or assorted cereal and toast, mixed fruit, apple, juice, and milk.
    Tuesday, Feb. 23: assorted poptart and two toasts or assorted cereal and toast, juice, pineapple, peach cup, and milk.
    Wednesday, Feb. 24: chicken and biscuit and toast or assorted cereal and toast, grape cluster, pear slices, juice, and milk.
    Thursday, Feb. 25: biscuit and sausage or assorted cereal and toast, applesauce, orange wedges, juice, and milk.

  • Students selected to be part of the Kentucky Children’s Chorus