Local News

  • Magistrate District 4 candidate – Steve Masterson

    (Candidates responses are being printed exactly as they were submitted to the Enterprise.)

    Full name: Michael Stephen (Steve) Masterson (Steve)
    Age: 63
    Address: 900 Raywick Road Lebanon, Ky 40033
    Email: mstevem@windstream.net

    Educational background:
    Graduate of Marion County High School. One semester at Campbellsville University

    Work experience:

  • Sheriff candidate – Tony Belcher

    (Candidates responses are being printed exactly as they were submitted to the Enterprise.)

    Full name: Tony Allen Belcher
    Age: 61 years old
    Campaign Website: Facebook - Tony Belcher for Sheriff
    Campaign email: belcherforsheriff@gmail.com

    Educational background:
    High School and Department of Criminal Justice Training

    Work experience:
    14 years MCSO / 2 years Lebanon PD / 2 years Bradfordsville PD

    Family information:

  • Sheriff candidate – Jimmy Clements

    (Candidates responses are being printed exactly as they were submitted to the Enterprise.)

    Full name: James B. Clements (Jimmy)
    Age: 54
    Address: 1150 Sallie Ray Pike, Raywick, Ky.

    Educational background:

  • Meet Dyxie

    Dyxie Bay, the youngest sister of Layla Spring, captured the hearts of viewers when she accompanied Spring on her American Idol audition. Bay, who sang for the judges as well, even received a golden ticket for 2026. Despite her burst of fame, Bay is still a fun-loving kid at heart, devoted to her family, making slime, and of course, singing. 

  • Meet Jaycee

    Jaycee River, the middle sister between Layla and Dyxie, is the glue that holds everyone together. 

    She’s the makeup artist, hair stylist, and social media connoisseur for Team Layla — the one everyone says they couldn’t make it without.

    Jaycee, 14, who prefers to work behind the scenes — loves supporting her sisters and getting to experience their journey alongside them. 

  • Turtleman’s advice

    Ernie “Turtleman” Brown Jr., a Lebanon native, and known for his previous Animal Planet show, “Call of The Wildman”, recently connected with Layla Spring in her down-time between American Idol broadcasts, and has made sure to be a source of support for her. 

  • Maker’s Mark Handcraft Festival

    The sixth-annual Maker’s Mark Handcraft Festival returned on Saturday, April 14, drawing in crowds from all over despite the inclement weather. 

  • Early dismissal of Marion County students for Friday April 13

    Superintendent Taylora Schlosser announced Wednesday afternoon that she has elected to dismiss students early this Friday, in order to allow teachers and staff the opportunity to travel to Frankfort in wake of pension reform bill.

  • Tri-County Kentucky United Way announces 2018 funding

    The Tri-County Kentucky United Way’s Allocations Committee, which is comprised of local volunteers, reviewed grant applications, visited agencies that requested funding, and met to discuss how to effectively and efficiently allocate the funds donated in 2017 for the 2018 calendar year.

    Tri-County Kentucky United Way is happy to announce that $200,000 has been allocated to 35 programs in Marion, Nelson and Washington counties for 2018.  

  • Dwindling dairies

    Two Marion County dairy farms are being forced to not only reconsider their business, but their way of life, after Dean Foods ended their milk-buying contracts.

    Mark and Debby Mattingly, and brothers Michael and Brent Masterson are currently searching for a new company to sell their milk to, with a very short window of time left before their contract expires.