Today's News

  • Vincent is enjoying her life in bluegrass music

    Bluegrass musician Rhonda Vincent is booked solid for 2009, and her fourth stop of the year will be this Saturday at Marion County High School in Lebanon.

  • Knights and Lady Knights face Nelson

    The Marion County Knights and Lady Knights host Fifth Region foe Nelson County at the Roby Dome on Friday night.

    The Nelson County girls team is currently 10-3 and a region contender. They feature one of the region's best players in Samantha Drake.

    This clash has big implications for Head Coach Trent Milby and the Lady Knights.

  • Mid-season report: Lady Knights

    As the Lady Knights hit the mid-point in the season, let's take a look at how the team has done so far and what the road ahead looks like.

    At 11-2, Trent Milby and the Lady Knights can't ask for much more at this point.

    "I'm pleased with where we're at right now," he said. "I think our defense is better than what I thought it would be. We've still got a lot of room to improve on offense. Brooke (Roberts) and Dee (Johnson) are struggling from outside. If they ever get scoring we'll be really good. And we're young so we're still learning."

  • 'Tis the season for mindless entertainment

    Warning: Ladies, if you haven't watched the two-hour special of The Bachelor on ABC, which aired Monday night, stop reading now! I would hate to ruin your DVR (commercial-free) experience. 

  • Two very different bloomers for indoors

    Many of our tropical houseplants aren't so happy indoors during the winter. Low light levels and low humidity are contrary to there tropical nature.

    There are some plants in the house, however, that don't seem to be phased by indoor winter conditions.

    If you have moderate light you can maintain a nearly non-stop bloom cycle with African violets. Their fleshy, fuzzy leaves are their defense against lack of humidity; and with adequate sunlight, some fertilizer and well-drained soil you can keep them blooming all year round.

  • Knights fall to Commanders

     The Marion County Knights beat the Washington County Commanders 71-47 a few weeks ago but were unable to come from behind to beat the Commanders on Friday night. 

    Washington County got their first win of the season after six unsuccessful tries against the Knights with a 65-58 win at the Roby Dome.

  • Ladies rock Campbellsville

    The Marion County Lady Knights jumped out to a 24-0 lead and held Campbellsville scoreless for nearly one and a half quarters on Friday night at the Roby Dome.

    The Lady Knights' relentless full court press was enough to crumble the Lady Eagles. Campbellsville finally scored with 5:30 left in the second quarter after the Lady Knights had already poured it on.

    "We played really good defense," Head Coach Trent Milby said. "They couldn't handle the pressure. A week off may have hurt our mentality. We were kind of sluggish."

  • City budget under close watch

    Given the state of the economy around the nation and across the state, city officials are taking a closer look at the 2008-09 budget.

    During a special city council meeting Dec. 22, Mayor Gary Crenshaw said that the city is in good financial shape, all things considered.

    There are fewer people working in Lebanon than there were a year ago, which will likely affect revenue from the city's occupational tax.

  • Everyone needs a little spinach

    This week's recipes are delicious ways to get that favorite of Popeye's, spinach, in your diet.

    Fresh spinach is best, whether in the Hot Spinach-Cheese Dip or the Spinach Pie.

    The dip is great, with crackers, chips or veggies. It makes a nice appetizer party food.

    Even so-called spinach haters will like this.

    Marge Craddock is from my hometown of Sidell, Ill., and her recipe for spinach pie is really easy and good.

    It's a terrific meatless dish.

    You'll like it if you try it.

    Hot Spinach Cheese Dip

  • Beware the Jabberwock and the 'frumious' Nostradamus

    Twas brillig, and the slithy toves Did gyre and gimble in the wabe: All mimsy were the borogoves, And the mome raths outgrabe. - "Jabberwocky" By Lewis Carroll   In general, I respect the History Channel. Its series like "The Universe" provide a greater understanding of the world around us as well as everything around the world.   At the same time, other programming, e.g.