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    Spring forward this Sunday

    Daylight Saving Time will begin at 2 a.m. on Sunday, March 10. That means we will spring forward. Clocks will be set ahead one hour at that time meaning we lose an hour of sleep. But the switch from Standard Time to Daylight Saving Time will cause evening daylight to last an hour longer while sacrificing normal sunrise times.


  • Parents and teen drivers commit to safe driving

     The Marion County Youth Service Center is partnering with Marion County High School and the Marion County Heartland Coalition alongside other sponsors to offer a piloted program for new teen drivers and their parents to learn about setting safe driving expectations.

    The program, called Checkpoints, is a one-hour program designed to reduce teen crashes and violations received by teen drivers by sharing data, ideas and practices for young drivers to practice and follow, and a timeline of expectations for parents to put in place for their driving teens.

  • Local educators protest HB 525 at state capital

     Marion County Public Schools unexpectedly closed Thursday, Feb. 28, after a large amount of staff called in sick, resulting in not having enough substitutes to cover classrooms.

    More than 50 MCPS staff (teachers and instructional staff) called in sick Thursday, according to Marion County Superintendent Taylora Schlosser.

    Many MCPS educators went to Frankfort that day to protest proposed legislation, House Bill 525, which was advanced by a 12-5 vote from the House State Government Committee.

  • Marion County teachers protest House Bill 525

    Marion County Public Schools unexpectedly closed today, Thursday, Feb. 28, after a large amount of staff called in sick, resulting in not having enough substitutes to cover classrooms.

    More than 50 MCPS staff (teachers and instructional staff) called in sick today, according to Marion County Superintendent Taylora Schlosser.


  • Started from the bottom

    “When I think of someone who is considered ‘outstanding’ in their field of work, I think foremost about someone who has made a difference in those around them,” said Brandy Wiser. “I think about that person being innovative, a leader among their colleagues, and most of all, committed to their community and the people in it. I believe that William P. ‘Pete’ Thompson, owner and CEO of Citizens National Bank of Lebanon, personifies all of these qualities and more.”

  • Alleged would-be gunman indicted on federal charges

     Matthew R. Smith, the man who police say was allegedly planning a mass shooting at L.B. Manufacturing in Springfield last year, was indicted on federal charges last week.

    He’s being indicted for one count of possession of a firearm by a prohibited person, and two counts of possession of unregistered firearms.

  • Lebanon woman charged in 2017 deadly accident accepts plea deal

     A Lebanon woman, who was initially charged with leaving the scene of a deadly accident, entered an Alford Plea to a lesser charge in Marion Circuit Court last week. 

  • Wet week for Marion County

     Days without rainfall have been few and far between in Marion County, and the weather is taking its toll on the area. Within the last week, Marion County has collected over 4 inches of rainfall, which accumulated in several areas. 

    Marion County was under a boil water advisory on Feb. 20, and some areas of the county even lost water.

  • This week's news briefs

    Scott’s Ridge closed until further notice

    Due to a slide on KY 527 south of Raywick, the road (Scott’s Ridge Road) is closed between mile points four and five until further notice. Materials for repair should be available this week. Closure is estimated two to three weeks, but weather conditions could greatly affect the repair schedule.


    Red Cross: Severe shortage of type O blood

  • Turtle Team remembers Neal ‘Banjo Man’ James

     Neal “Banjo Man” Shannon James II, 55, of Stanford, passed away suddenly on Feb. 1. James, famous for co-starring in the Animal Planet series, “Call of the Wildman”, will be greatly missed by the Marion County community, where the show was filmed and where he visited and made appearances alongside the rest of the cast. 

    James starred alongside Ernie Brown Jr., also known as, “Turtleman”, a native of Lebanon, and was his right-hand man on and off the screen.