Today's News

  • State budget package; alcohol, tobacco taxes to increase

    Gov. Steve Beshear Feb. 13 signed two bills into law - one regarding the executive branch budget and one regarding taxes.

    State officials approved $150 million in spending cuts, as well as increases in the taxes on tobacco and alcohol. In November, economists projected a $456 million budget shortfall during the 2008-09 fiscal year, according to the governor's office.

  • The human behind the camera lens

    Peering through my camera lens, listening to the unique sounds of a bagpipe, I bit my lip trying to hold back tears while David Ford's casket was being lowered into the ground Friday afternoon.   These emotions came as a surprise to me.

    Why were my eyes welling up with tears? I didn't know Ford or his family. I was there simply to cover the story, but I found myself grieving. I was grieving for Ford and, even more so, for his children.

  • Final respects

    Red roses sway gently in the breeze, ready to be placed on the grave in remembrance.   It is quiet.

    A long line of police cars stop at Campbellsville Memorial Gardens. The caravan continues as far as one can see, their blue lights flashing. Police officers from around the state stand to the side at attention.

    Lebanon Police Officers place their hands upon the hearse, which carries the body of slain police officer David M. Ford. They walk together as the vehicle slowly makes its way to the burial plot.

  • Local legislators file bills in 911 emergencies

    State Sen. Dan Kelly is one of five co-sponsors of Senate Bill 30, which would limit access to 911 tapes. The bill approved by the Senate reads that 911 tapes would not be considered public records.

    The bill would allow a provision for a transcript of the tape to be provided, or for the recordings to be released with the permission of the person who made the call and any people referenced during the call.

  • Q & A with former athlete Trey Chelf

    Q & A with Marion County High School athletes is a new series that will appear periodically. If you know an athlete that would be a good candidate for Q & A, email Jesse Osbourne at jesseophoto@gmail.com.

    This week's athlete is Trey Chelf, a 2005 graduate that is currently swimming for Western Kentucky University.

    What sports did you play while you were at MCHS? What positions?

  • Regular season comes to a close this week

    The Lady Knights round out the regular season with games against Bardstown (5-13) and LaRue County (13-10) before facing off with Taylor County (13-11) in the first round of the district tournament on Tuesday of next week.

    Bardstown is struggling after losing sophomore stand out Daziah Kimberland to injury before the season. The Lady Tigers were on a nine game skid as of press time, including losses to mutual opponents North Hardin (85-30), Nelson County (69-32, 64-29), Washington County (36-33), Green County (56-29) and Danville (41-36).

  • Donkey basketball cancelled

    A fund raiser for the Lady Knights girls basketball team was cancelled last week due to public concern for those involved.

    A donkey basketball contest was scheduled for Feb. 21, at the Roby Dome, with proceeds going towards the Lady Knights basketball team. An explanation of what donkey basketball is can be found in last week's Enterprise.

    However, some community members reasoned that the sport is a risk to humans and inhumane for the donkeys.  

  • Police officer assaulted after basketball game

    On Friday, Feb. 13, the Kentucky State Police received a call from the Washington County High School principal requesting additional officer presence at the Washington County/Marion County High School basketball game beginning at 6 p.m. in anticipation of potential problems.

    Kentucky State Troopers Fred Cornett and John Adams were in attendance.  Immediately following the game a large crowd gathered in the parking lot and became disorderly. Two Springfield residents were arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

  • Lady Knights win four out of five games

    The Marion County Lady Knights tested their fortitude against a schedule that would make most teams squirm last week and came away with quality wins.

    Playing four games in five days, the Lady Knights toppled tough region teams Hart County (14-9) and North Hardin (21-4) on the road, held off a tough Green County (21-6) team at home, dusted border rival Washington County (5-16) and almost knocked off Mercy (16-6), a top team in the state.

  • Ice storm replacement trees

    I was told by someone (who will remain nameless) that I have told you all what not to do plenty and I need to tell you what to do or plant in this case.

    Alright, before I do that I just want to say to everyone out there "Stop topping trees!!!!" You are ruining them and making them even more dangerous and likely to fail in the future at an unsuspecting time!

    Now that I have gotten that out of my system, I can go on with the show.

    There are a lot of great trees out there but they all suffered at least some damage from the ice storm.